My Husband Dumped Me after He Got KSh 1 Million Payment for Contract, went to Spend it with His Mpango Wa Kando

They say you come to learn of a person’s true character after they actually get money especially men. I learnt this the hard way after my husband of four years literally dumped me two days after he received a payment of KSh 1 million for a contract.

This was very unkind of him to treat me in such a manner because he had been struggling financially since he finished the job four months ago and I was there to take care of him. I would pay all the bills in the house and also buy him new him stuff. I knew he would at least appreciate me for all the support that I had shown him.

However, I was very mistaken, his true colours emerged when he got the money in his account. He went out to drink with his friends and at first I thought that he was just being excited. However, he did not come home that evening as I was expecting. He failed to come home for a whole three days.

I tried calling him and he was ignoring my calls and messages. I knew that he had dumped and was using the KSh 1 million with his mpango wa kando after I spotted pictures of them on vacation in a very luxurious restaurant.

How could he do this to me after all the support I had showed him over the years! I had to do something and get him to dump his mpango wa kando and have him return home before he finished the money.

This is when I contacted Doctor Kazimoto, a traditional herbalist whom I knew had great spells to make my husband dump his side chick and return home to me. The doctor’s spells worked greatly because the following morning, my hubby returned home and he begged me to forgive him for what had happened.

The money that he earned is now under my control thanks to Doctor Kazimoto’s spells. I would advise anyone with a similar problem to seek help from KAZIMOTO DOCTORS.

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