List Of Mpesa Partners For International Money Transfer

Sending and receiving money internationally via Mpesa has been made much simpler thanks to the partnership between Mpesa and most of the International Money transfer platforms.

You can now send and receive money from abroad using Mpesa instantly without the need to taking several days. This has been made possible thanks to the effectiveness and widespread of Mpesa. And the good news is that Mpesa global continues to expand day by day and connecting Millions of people.

Unlike international money transfer through banks that usually takes days before you can be able to withdraw funds, Money withdrawn via Mpesa from these international platforms can be withdrawn immediately to your Mpesa wallet. Platforms such as PayPal, World remit and western Union have made it possible to withdraw the money to your Mpesa Wallet.

All one needs to is connect their active Mpesa Number to the international money transfer platforms they are using and start transacting. Apart from receiving funds, one can as well make deposit on their online account of this international money transfer platforms using Mpesa.

Below is a list of  Mpesa partners for International Money Transfer

List of Mpesa partners For International Money Transfer
  1. PayPal

PayPal has made it easier to make international money transfer hassle free. With PayPal all you need to do is to connect your Mpesa mobile number with the PayPal Mobile money platform. From here you will be able to withdraw money from your PayPal account straight to your Mpesa instantly.

Further more, you can send money to your PayPal account using the Mpesa Paybill number 800088 and your Phone number as the account number.

  1. Western Union

With Western Union, you can send money, pay bills, check exchange rates, or start a transfer in the app and pay in-store—all on the go. To send and receive money via Western Union mobile money, Customers in Kenya can access the new service by dialing *840# or by selecting “M-PESA Global” under the M-PESA menu on mySafaricomApp.

  1. Skrill

Skrill is another well known international Money Transfer that can be linked to Mpesa wallet. With Skrill you need to link your Mpesa number to be able to send and recive money instantly via Mpesa.

To get started with Skrill mobile money, Log into to your Skrill online platform and select ‘Send’. Choose the Money transfer option to send to your Mpesa Mobile number, select, a country and currency, enter the amount you wish to send and select the payment method.

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Other International money transfer platforms that have patnerned with Safaricom Mpesa Global mMoney Include;

  1. MoneyGram
  2. Xendpay
  3. Azimo
  4. Transfer Galaxy
  5. Vodafom Tanzania
  6. MTN Uganda
  7. MTN Rwanda
  8. Dahabshiil
  9. mHits
  10. Post Finance
  11. SkyForex
  12. Xpress Money
  13. WorldRemit

Depending on your need, you can choose the most suitable International Money Transfer platform that will suit you. All the available options are swift, reliable and secure for your transactions. Most of this options are online enabled meaning you can carry out transactions across the boarders without any limitation.

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