Most Visited Kenya News websites

Kenya is among the Most competitive countries in the world when it comes to internet connection. With this, many Kenyans spend their time online searching for information and through this they visit a number of websites. Kenyan news websites are among the most visited in the world as well.

Kenya has also hit the headlines on international level prompting may to search for news that come from the country.

With many accessing news and information through their social media platforms, the social media has become a useful tool harnessed by many to get to Google and other top leading Kenyan news websites.

In overall social media takes the lion’s share as the most visited platform by Kenyans. Facebook is leading social media platform as the 6th most visited website while Twitter and Instagram comes at distance 24th and 25th positions with millions of people visiting the platforms.

What about news websites?

Kenyans news websites have taken the news reporting field at a notch higher level, with many news website present in Kenya, there is a post made on the mainstream website almost every minute. So which is the most visited Kenyan news website.

Most Visited Kenyan News Websites

Below is a list of top 10 most visited news websites in Kenya

  1. The Standard

The standard is the number one most visited news website in Kenya. The Standard group owned media website ranks to when it comes to online visits both through Google searches and direct visits. According to Alexa ranking metric, standard receives millions of page views each month. is ranked number 1,750 in global internet traffic and engagement. 49% of the website’s traffic are from organic searches with the remaining 51 coming accessing the website directly, through social media and other referral platform

On average each site visitor reads two posts on standard.


The Media Group owned nation is the second most visited news website in the country. Nation which adopted the. africa suffix domain name recently also receives millions of site visitors in and outside the country.

Nation ranks number 1,876 In global internet traffic and engagement as of late. Nation receives 19% of its traffic from Google search while the rest come through social media and other referral platform.

The low percentage of the organic searches can partly be attributed to the change in the domain name that happened recently.

  1. Tuko

Tuko which has been around for the past few years is also proving to be a game changer in the mainstream online news field in Kenya. Tuko focuses mainly on the local stories and has gained massive following over the past few years it has been around. Tuko receives hundreds of thousands of site visitors each month with a majority of its visitors coming through social media platforms and referrals. Tuko receives 42% of its visitors form Google. On the world engagement ranks at position 2,401 In global internet traffic and engagement.


In the 4th position is the well-known news website. The website has proven its worthiness and cemented its position at number 4 among the 5 most visited Kenyan news websites. receives hundreds of thousands of visitors each month with each visitor reading at least two posts on average. Among the millions of websites on the interweb, ranks at position 4,777 in the global internet traffic and engagement.


K24 which is owned by Media max closes the list of top 5 most visited News websites in Kenya. The online news platform currently ranks at position 20,529 In global internet traffic and engagement. The website also receives massive viewership from Kenya and beyond boarders. K24 news website receives 23% of its visitors from Google organic searches while the rest are from direct visit, social media and referral platform.

Other notable Kenyan news websites that ranks high in the global internet traffic and engagement are as below

  2. The Star
  5. Nairobi News

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