Mhasibu Sacco Paybill Number , Contacts

Mhasibu SACCO is one of the largest Saccos in Kenya with base assets running into billions. The Sacco has made it possible for its members to use mobile banking in making payments and even accessing their Sacco account. SACCO Members can use the Sacco Paybill number for deposits and making loan repayment.

To make payment to Mhasibu SACCO use the SACCO Mpesa Paybill number 540700.

At the end of this article we shall share the Sacco contact number so that you may find it easier transacting with Mhasibu Sacco.

Mhasibu SACCO: How to pay Via M-pesa
  • Go to the Mpesa Menu
  • Select Lipa na M-PESA
  • Select Pay Bill |
  • Enter Business Number’540700′
  • Under Account number – Enter Your Membership Number + transaction code DEPOSIT PAYMENTS 1. For Deposits; key in ‘DEP’ at the end of your Membership Number (e.g. MHS*****DEP) 2.[…..]
  • Enter the amount you wish to pay
  • Enter your Mpesa PIN and Send
Mhasibu Sacco Deposit Payments
  1. For Deposits; key in ‘DEP’ at the end of your Membership Number (e.g. MHS*****DEP)
  2. For Share Capital key in ‘SCP’ at the end of your Membership Number (e.g. MHS*****SCP)
  3. For Child Scheme Account, Key in ‘CHS’ at the end of your Membership Number (e.g. CHS*****CHS)
  4. For Insurance Premiums, Key in ‘INS’at the end of your Membership Number (e.g MHS*****INS)
  5. To preload your Mhasibu M-Sacco Utility Account, Key in ‘MSD’ at the end of your Membership number (e.g.MHS*****MSD)


Mhasibu Sacco LOAN REPAYMENT Process
  1. To repay Mobi Instant Loan key in ‘MBL'(e.g. MHS*****MBL)
  2. To repay Normal Loan key in ‘NOL'(e.g. MHS*****NOL)
  3. To repay Repurchase Loan key in ‘RPL’ (e.g. MHS*****RPL)
  4. To repay Refinance Loan key in ‘RFL’ (e.g. MHS*****RFL)
  5. To repay Emergency Loan key in ‘EML’ (e.g. MHS*****EML)
  6. To repay Short-Term Loan key in ‘STL’ (e.g. MHS*****STL)
  7. To repay Gold Loan key in ‘GOL’ (e.g. MHS*****GOL)
  8. To repay Gold Repurchase Loan key in ‘GRL’ (e.g. MHS*****GRL)
  9. to repay School Fees Loan key in ‘SFL’ (e.g. MHS*****SFL)
  10. to repay Okoa Loan ‘OKL’ (e.g. MHS*****OKL
Mhasibu SACCO Loan Products
  • Giold Loan
  • Swift Loan
  • Mobi Loan
  • Top-up Loan
  • Self-Guaranteed Loan

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Mhasibu SACCO contacts and operation Hours

Absa Plaza, 8th Floor , Market Street,
Next to Laico Regency Hotel.
Call Us: +254 020 5141900
Open Hrs: Mon – Fri : 8:00 Am to 5:00 Pm

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