Madagascar Cure On High Demand

Madagascar president Andry Rajoelina has officially launched the herbal CVO famously referred to as Madagascar cure. The herbal cure is said to have immensely contributed to the recovery of most patients in the African Island country.

While giving a statement last week, the president claimed that CVO, a herbal concoction can prevent and cure patients suffering from the novel Coronavirus. The drug was developed by the Malagasy Institute of Applied Research.

“From now on, we will no longer export Artemisia. But, we will proceed with the transformation of this plant on our own territory,” President Rajoelina Stated

“I encourage Malagasy farmers to cultivate Artemisia in order to increase our production capacity amounting to 3,000 tons per year. The value in tonnes of Artemisia is $3,000 vs $350 for rice,” Rajoelina said.

However the World Health Organization (WHO) has dismissed the Madagascar President’s declaration and warned against self-medication and said that it has not recommended any form of medicine as a cure or vaccine for the novel Coronavirus.

Madagascar Coronaviruas cure
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Demand For the Herbal Cure

Even as WHO warns against  the usage of herbal tonic produced in Madagascar for the cure of Covid-19, already some African countries have ordered and imported the herbal medicine while some are planning to import it.

Guinea-Bissau has already imported the medicine for its raising number of COVID 19 patients while others like Kenya are also considering to import the herbal medicine to be used in the country. The CVO herbal medicine contains the Artemisia plant which is mainly used to treat malaria.

Madagascar so far has recorded 149 cases of Coronavirus infections with no death recorded. So far 99 patients have recovered with active cases standing at 50.

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