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List of Best Teachers Training Colleges (TTC) In Kenya

If you are aspiring to join teaching and become a teacher, choosing the best teachers training college -TTC is the first priority. A college that posts high PTE results that is consistent should be given the first priority. Always go for a college with enough teaching staff and training facilities to ensure high performance. Both public and private teaching colleges have posted high results and are very competitive.

These Teachers’ training colleges – TTC offer opportunities to KCSE candidates who have scored a minimum grade of C pain and above to train as either P1 teachers or Diploma teachers

Below is a list of some of the best teacher training colleges with an outstanding performance history.

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Top Performing Public TTCs in Kenya
  1. Asumbi Teachers Training College
  2. Shanzu Teachers’ Training College
  3. Tamback Teachers’ Training College
  4. Kaimosi Teachers’ Training College
  5. Meru Teachers Training College
  6. Murang’a Teachers Training College
  7. Egoji Teachers training college
  8. Eregi Teachers Training College
  9. Kericho Teachers Training College
  10. Kibabii Diploma Teachrers Training College
  11. Mosoriot Teachers’ Training College
  12. Kilimambogo Teachers Training C
  13. Shanzu Teachers’ Training College
  14. Tambach Teachers Training College
  15. Narok Teachers Training College
  16. Thogoto Teachers Training College
  17. Baringo Teachers Training College
  18. Kamwenja Teachers Training College
  19. Thogoto Teachers Training College
  20. Machakos Teachers Training College

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Top Performing Private TTCs in Kenya
  1. Kamagambo Adventist College
  2. Jerusa Teachers Training College, Jttc – Butere
  3. Nakuru Teachers’ Training College
  4. Nabongo Teachers training College – Bungoma
  5. Consolata College
  6. St Joseph Teachers Training College
  7. Nyanchwa Teachers Training College
  8. Presbyterian Teachers College Rubate
  9. International Montessori School
  10. Carol Teachers Training College
  11. Masai Teachers’ Training College
  12. International Teachers Training College
  13. Blescohouse Teachers Training College
  14. Orthodox Teachers Training College of Africa
  15. Austin’s Teachers Training College – Ishiara
  16. Sunrise Teachers College – Athi River
  17. Kenya Education Staff Institute
  18. F.K. Teachers Training College
  19. Deans Teacher Training College
  20. John’s Teachers Training College – Thika
Qualifications of Joining TTC as a P1 Teacher

For one to be eligible to train as a P1 teacher, one must at least have scored a minimum grade of C plain in KCSE. Both public and private colleges admit students to join colleges and train as teachers.

Qualification for training as a Diploma Teacher

To be able t train as a Diploma teacher, one is required to have scored a KCSE minimum grade of C+ with and at least have attained C+ in the two subjects of specialization

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