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KRA PIN Application: How to Correct Date of Birth Details that does not match with ID

You are applying for a KRA PIN with the correct ID details and date of birth but the system informs you that the ID details do not match with the date of birth provided. You check the ID details but you find they are just correct. Well either the ID of the Person applying is missing the date or month of birth 19XX, 00/00/19XX or the month and date of birth on the ID were approximated to 01/01/19XX.

Well here is how you can go about it to be able to apply for a KRA PIN

Use the First date of KRA Financial year

The most effective way for KRA PIN number application with ID details not matching with the date and month of birth is to use 01/07/19XX as the date and month of birth of the applicant. KRA financial year normally begins on the first date of July every year eg 01/07/2020 and ends on the last date of June the following year eg 31/06/2021. Always use this format for individuals whose National Identification Cards (ID) luck the date and month of birth or for those whose date and months of birth were approximated to 1st day of January eg 01/01/19XX.

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This is a common scenario with elderly people whose birth details were not documented at the time of birth thus missing these crucial details during ID application.

Use The First date Of January Before the year of Birth

Some individuals have IDs with only the year of birth but missing the day and month of birth. For IDs that totally miss the date and month of birth eg 1977, try using the 1st date of January before the year. This will work if the system picked 01/01/19XX as their birth details.

Check The Details on the ID

In some cases, you are feeding the system the wrong information. This will return a no match message if you did not enter the ID number or applicant date, month and year of birth correctly. Always cross check to make sure that the details you are keying in the system are exactly the way they appear on the ID. Misspelling the ID number even with a single digit will make the details not match.

Once you have cross checked, try again.

Once entered correctly, the KRA database will generate your full details including your name and the names of your parents including the details of their places of birth.

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KRA PIN Application Procedure
  1. Log into the KRA itax website
  2. Select new PIN Registration
  3. Click ‘Apply for a PIN’
  4. Enter your level of Education
  5. Enter your ID number
  6. Enter your ID date, month and year of birth
  7. Enter your Address
  8. Enter your Email Address
  9. Click ‘Send OTP’
  10. Check your Email to get the OTP password and enter it into the system
  11. Give your phone Number
  12. Select ‘Income tax Individual resident if you are a Kenyan Citizen’
  13. Give details of your income sources
  14. Make sure all the mandatory fields have been filled
  15. Enter the value of a simple arithmetic
  16. Click ‘Submit’
  17. Download the E-generated PIN
  18. Another copy of your KRA Pin with your Password will be sent to your Email.
  19. Log In for the First time to with your New KRA PIN
  20. Enter the password you received on your Email.
  21. Change the password by entering a new password
  22. Confirm your New Password
  23. Choose your secrete question and Word
  24. Submit

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