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Kenyan man talks of how he got depressed and sank into alcoholism just after his job loss

Mwangi never imagined he would be sacked so soon. Since then his life has been really a mess as he was the bread winner of his family. Due to a lot of stress and depression he sank into taking alcohol and even at times forget top get back home. His wife really did not have a stable job as she was a mere vegetable vendor in their area. At times his wife would be called to take him home as he would drink and sleep in the streets. “I really took a lot of alcohol to the extent of sleeping in the cold something that my wife never liked as I really had given her the burden of dally looking for me in the streets as I would not go home by myself, “he said.

He tried anything to get things right as he had been saying but not even a single time was he getting something to do as a job. It reached to a point he would even pick anything from the house and sell for money just to buy alcohol. As time went by, his wife was not even trusting him as he would even steal her business money something that would cause some chaos in the family. Their children on the other hand did not like him and how he had been into alcohol to the extent of not giving them that fatherly love.

Each day he would strive so had in looking for a job as the situation he had been living in was such a bad one. Everyone who knew him was not giving him the due respect as like the time he had a lucrative job. His friends despised him and never wanted to be close to him as they said at that time he was offering nothing to them hence the treatment. “All my friends varnished, no one wanted to see my calls and none even wanted to know my whereabouts after I lost of my job something that really broke my heart, “he said.

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Things were not okay and he needed something to change his situation. After sometimes he was introduced to a traditional doctor after his wife had asked his friend for help. Dr Mugwenu cast his spells which were to ensure he got out of the alcoholism behavior he had been having. Since then he seized taking alcohol where he reformed and also got a job in a private organization.

Dr Mugwenu says his spells work within 24 hours. He solves problems ranging from winning court cases, winning lottery, family protection and property protections and he might also foretell ones future. He heals various diseases like TB, syphilis and manhood problems. Distance healing can also work so it is a better way of saving high costs of transport and so on. Connect with him on – +254740637248 email website