“I got scammed sh 150, 000 for a fake job” A jobless Kenyan youth narrates

The rate of unemployment here in Kenya is on the rise. Over 1.5Millions of youths are jobless. Being among the unemployed youths, Dan, a 29-year-old man from Eldoret first believed he had landed a job at United Nations offices in Gigiri Nairobi.

He says he got trapped by a pseudo social media account related to UN offices. He even went to the point of applying for a job. After two days, he got a call that he had qualified for a test for his first interview to become a UN worker in Gigiri.

“At first they told me I had to pay a sum of sh 150, 000 for my interview. Without even having a second thought, I told my parents, who had never been to school. They sold all their property, inclusive of our land, to raise the money. I sent the 150, 000 due to the excitement I would finally land a job after a being jobless for a long time,” Dan narrated.

Dan travelled to Nairobi for his interview only to be sent away by the management of the department he had applied for the job.

“I felt like ending my life. Back home, my parents had sold almost everything. All the sh 150, 000 went into the pockets of cons. I reported the issue to Gigiri police station and left the issue to the police to deal with,” he added.

The truth of the matter was how the issue was handled by the police. Dan says they learned the hard way, but it seemed like a blessing on the other hand. He got helped after he came through Dr. Mugwenu contact +254740637248 on an article on Opera News. He called Dr. Mugwenu and even met him at his workplace.

It only took two days and the culprits in the scheme were brought to book. Dan says he got shocked how the spells effectively worked and flagged the conman who were not even in Nairobi but Eldoret Township. Later, he was helped by Dr. Mugwenu to land a nice paying job.

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