Huawei Launches New Operating System And It Is The Best

After US trade ban on use of Andriod Operating System took effect, Huawei went on the drawing board to come up with its own operating system. As promised earlier the good news is out for Huawei users as the company has launches a brand new operating system but what it offers makes it exceptional.

Harmony OS is the name and comes with strong security features and promises to meet consumer demand for low latency.

‘It is important to have an operating system with improved cross platform capabilities and that supports different scenarios.’ Huawei CEO of Consumer Business Group said. This was announced at their annual developer conference on 9th August.

Earlier indicators had pointed to a better operating system coming to rival the operating system market and Huawei have found a perfect alternative for Andriod.

So what makes Harmony OS unique?

1. Cross-Performance Platform

Harmony OS runs on virtual bus technology that offers a shared communication platform, This will make it easier to develop distributed apps built on Harmony OS as they can be run on different devices and offer seamless and collaborative experience across scenarios.

Harmony OS is powered by a multi device IDE and distributed architecture that allows for drag and drop control and preview oriented devices creating a tightly integrated ecosystem across all devices. The operating system will also be much responsive and available to users in different languages

2. Faster Performance

Its Latency Engine and high-performance Inter-Process Communication (IPC), set tasks on the platform are scheduled and executed in advance. This means opening or resuming to Apps while multitasking will be much faster due to reduced response latency and hence up to five times efficient performance.

3. Harmony OS Roadmap

Huawei has a road map plan to see the OS improved and integrated with more feature over the years. The use of smart devices such as wearables, in vehicle head units and Huawei  technologies such as Huawei VISION are in pipeline to see the tech firm command the market.

4. Security

Harmony OS uses Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) to improve security. TEE is a verification method that uses mathematical approach to validate system corrections. With the reduced number of codes used in its systems, the Harmony OS will be less prone to attacks.

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With all these in place we hope the Huawei dream of bringing people a truly and engaging experience will come to live.



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