How use of technology has accelerated growth in Kenya

Earlier people used to go to the land based casinos for playing casino games. The advent of the Internet changed the way people gamble and the players started doing gambling from the comfort of their home PC or office laptop. The spread of this trend was seen more in those countries where the penetration of Internet was more. Incidentally, penetration of the Internet was more in African countries like Kenya. After USA and Europe, Africa was one of the few nations where the penetration of the Internet was more and among the African nations, it was Kenya which lead the way.


It is being seen that the younger generation are interested more in using the Internet than the middle aged or older people. Since the penetration of the Internet has been huge in Kenya, more users have joined the world of gambling. Kenya has also launched their own mobile payment platform named MPesa and a large numbers of users use this platform.


If you are young and is interested in entering the world of gaming, you must know about a few things. With the increase in popularity of online games, many new casino websites have come into the market. The sad part is that not all the casino websites are genuine and many have developed a bad name of running away with the players money. If you are a new casino player in Kenya and is new to the world of gambling, you must take the help of https://casinos-online.co.ke/ and you can get to know more about the reputed online casinos in Kenya.


People observe that there have been massive technological changes in Kenya over the last two decades. Most of the changes have been influenced by the advent of the Internet in the market.


The first impact of the Internet is the beginning of online payment named Mpesa. It revolutionized the payment system in Kenya. As a consequence, the casinos flourished with the use of online payment system. Most of the casinos have shifted to online version and hence introduction of the payment system was very much essential to keep the things running. The use of the Internet has also made the market booming, making it one of the biggest consumer markets in the world. The emerging digital ecosystem became a multiplier of growth as it enables access to Smartphone leading to easy access of information by the consumer and easy networking creating more business opportunities and job for the general people, at large.


The growth of Internet and bandwidth has lead to a massive growth of the Smartphone in the Kenya market. Almost all major Smartphone brands have opened a branch and felt their presence felt in the Kenya market.


Growth of any economy can be judged by the growth of digital jobs in that country. Kenya has been successful in creating all types of digital jobs which has been described as follows –

Kenya has developed huge potential of creating high skilled digital jobs which includes well paid hi tech knowledge oriented jobs. Many online freelance websites have come up offering hi tech freelance work to the professionals. Many workers have upgraded their job related skills and made them eligible for the job market. The advantage of creating high-skilled jobs is that they are well paid and a person can earn full time income by doing such freelance work.


The potential for creating medium skilled digital jobs is also huge in the Kenyan economy. Kenya has also excelled in this job as thousands of people are associated with Kenya safary. Jobs of drivers, riders, hotel waiters are middle skilled jobs and is considered to be a great accelator for employment creation. Kenya Wildlife safari has got world wide acknowledgement because of the excellent marketing of the Kenya government. The Kenya Wildlife safari attracts thousands of visitors round the year and is considered to be a creator of many middle skilled jobs. Thousands of middle level jobs are associated with this safari economy.

Low skilled digital jobs are in great demand in the Kenyan market as the country is ready for ever growing ecommerce market. With the attack of Covid antivirus, many people have started buying daily products online and this lead to the massive growth of ecommerce business in Kenya, though this is considered to be a worldwide phenomenon. Ecommerce business has created many low skilled jobs in the digital sector and these jobs include managing the logistics centers and hiring thousands of delivery boys across the nation.


But the sad part is that due to the Covid attack, growth in many African countries have been hampered, as reported by World Bank and IMF. But this is not a Kenyan, but a world phenomenon as most of the economies have suffered a lot due to the pandemic. It has been observed that around 75% of the youth in Kenya has made online payment through Mpesa during the last financial year. It is also surprising to know that around 70% of the Kenyans have a mobile pay account. This shows that the country has progressed a lot in terms of mobile payment account is considered.


In order to support the growth related to digital economy, some sort of support is also needed on behalf of the Government. This includes growth of internet infrastructure like supply of high-speed connectivity, provision of more than one mobile network infrastructure and more or less regular supply of electricity.


Kenya has advanced as a hotspot for some innovative digital companies which include M-Kopa, Ushahidi, M-Tiba and many more. Huduma E-Centers offer more than 200 digital services to the citizens across the nation. There is an excellent government to citizen services platform, which is popularly known as E-citizen. The Government of Kenya has maintained a very favorable regulatory governing system and have highly promoted online mobile payment system. Experts say more investment is needed in the field of healthcare, education and child nutrition so that a child can use his full potential by the time he or she reaches the level of adulthood.







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