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How to withdraw money from your Diamond trust bank account to Mpesa

Diamond Trust Bank account holders can easily withdraw money from their DTB bank accounts straight to their Mpesa wallets.

To be able to withdraw money from your DTB account to Mpesa, you need to have enough funds in your bank account for the transaction to be successful.

Apart from withdrawing money from DTB bank account to your number, you can also withdraw money from your account and send it directly to another Mpesa user straight from your bank.

There are two methods DTB Bank account holders can use to withdraw money to Mpesa.

The first and the easiest method is through the Diamond Trust mobile bank app. This is a seamless method that allows you to transact and send money while on the move.

With DTB Mobile app you can withdraw money to Mpesa, send money to another bank account, check your bank balance among other services.

The second method DTB bank account holders can use to withdraw money from their bank accounts to Mpesa is through the *382# short USSD code.

How to transfer money from your Diamond trust bank to Mpesa
  1. On your device dial *382# from your phone.
  2. Select ‘Move Money’ option
  3. Select ‘MPesa’
  4. Choose MPesa recipient
  5. Enter amount to transfer to MPesa
  6. Select the bank account you wish to transfer from
  7. Confirm your transaction details
  8. Enter your mobile banking PIN
  9. Send

You will receive a confirmation SMS confirming the transfer of money. The transaction should be able to go through within seconds.

DTB’s internet banking platform, i24/7, enables businesses and individuals to transact seamlessly on internet-ready devices irrespective of their location.

From your DTB mobile banking app, select the Mpesa option to be able to withdraw money from your account to Mpesa.


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