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How to start a car repair garage business in Kenya

Owning a motor vehicle repair garage is one of the best thing to do especially if you have knowledge in mechanics and car repair. With many vehicles pouring on Kenyan roads each day owning a car repair garage can be one of the best business to start.

I have friends who after dropping out of school or  completing secondary school opted to enroll in technical training institutions and trained as mechanics. A good number of them are now self employed and the most surprising thing is that they can afford nice things in life that most high profile employed counterparts struggle to buy.

So if you have knowledge in car repair or you just want to invest in car repair business, why not start your own garage.

To be able to start a car repair business and own a garage in Kenya, there are quite a number of things you should consider.

How to start a car repair garage business in Kenya

Look for a prime location

Before you can set up your garage, location is vital to your business. Setting your garage in town or in the immediate outskirts of a town is one sure way that you will get clients. With many vehicles pouring into the Kenyan roads daily, the need for mechanics to handle both minor and major repairs is inevitable. Make sure your garage is easily accessible to your clients.

Have the necessary tools

Owning a car repair garage is one thing and having all the necessary tools in another thing. Make sure your garage is equipped with repair tools able to aid in repair of any type of vehicle. You should also stock your garage with spare parts so that you do not run short of replacement parts when needed.

To start an average car repair business in Kenya, you need a capital investment of between Ksh 150,000 to 250,000. However, you can start small and grow your business. Alternatively, you can start by getting employed as a mechanic before starting your own garage. However, starting your own car repair business is better.

Car repair business

Get skilled mechanics

To run a modern garage you will need skillful mechanics to help you with the repair work. You can source mechanics fresh from technical colleges, however you will need to guide them as they gain more experience. Getting experienced mechanics can be the best option to ensure efficiency and high productivity in your garage.

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Obtain the necessary licences and permits

Like any other business, starting a car repair garage will mean that you obtain the required business permit and licences from the local authorities before opening your business. Get to know how much you will need to pay for the permits and plan on how you will acquire them.

Get People to know your business

Now that you have set up your business and you ready to operate, it is important to let people know the services you are offering and how they can find you. Consider mounting posters and signboards at strategic locations to guide clients to your repair shop. You can also use social media to get to potential clients and let them know your services and how they can find you.

Set Up a payment system

For accountability and proper management, it is important to have an organized and accountable financial system to handle payments.Consider outsourcing third party payment system to help you with payments and invoicing. Keep records of your clients properly and introduce incentives to them as well.

Ensure Quality services

If they spend money to acquire their machines, they will definitely be ready to foot the bills to maintain them. Giving high quality services to your clients helps you win their trust. Always make sure that services offered are worth their money. At some point, go beyond and above to make your clients feel you care not only for them, but for their vehicles as well.

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