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How to send money to M-pesa from abroad

Did you know that you can easily send money to friends and loved once from abroad to Kenya? Yes you can do that and infact you can send it direct to Mpesa. Safaricom has made it easy for individuals living abroad to send money to their loved ones through M-pesa. By the end of 2022, the number of international mobile money transaction was all time high and Safaricom continues to see a rise in cross boarder mobile money transfer.

This has been made possible through the Safaricom Mpesa Global money transfer service and partnerships with other international money transfer services such as World Remit and PayPal.

How to send money to Kenya using Mpesa with Mpesa Global

M-PESA global is a mobile money transfer service that enables M-PESA registered customers to send and receive money globally.

Mpesa Global enables Mpesa customers to send money to East Africa: Rwanda, Tanzania & Uganda.

Mpesa customers are also able to send money Globally: To millions of Bank accounts and over 500,000 Western Union locations globally

To be able to send money to Globally through Mpesa:

  • By dialling *840#
  • Accept terms and conditions to Opt in
  • Select send money abroad

You can also send money abroad through the My Safaricom App. To be able to do so;

  • Download and open MySafaricom App
  • Select M-PESA
  • Select M-PESA Global
  • Accept terms and conditions to Opt in
  • Select Send
  • Enter the amount you wish to send
  • Enter your Mpesa PIN
  • Then press okay to complete the transaction.

The recipient will receive the money directly to their M-Pesa

How to send money to Mpesa with World Remit

You can now send and money transfer to M-PESA in minutes using any device with World Remit. The transfer can be paid for using a debit or credit card and the funds will usually be credited instantly. To do so, follow the following steps:

1. Visit World Remit website homepage and select Kenya from the ‘choose a country to send to’ dropdown list.

2. You’ll be guided to the Kenya home page.

3. Select ‘Mobile Money’ as the preferred service

4. Enter the amount you want to send eg Ksh. 50,000

5. Log in or create an account if you haven’t already

6. Select someone you’ve sent to before or add the details of a new recipient (we’ll need their mobile money account number)

7. Pay online

Once you have completed the payment, you will receive a payment confirmation notification and you will be issued with a receipt for your payment.

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So, what do you need to send money with world remit?

To be able to send money to Mpesa with world remit, check and confirm that your recipient already has a M-PESA mobile money account.

Also check that you have your recipient’s mobile money number.

How to send money to Mpesa through PayPal

Paypal is another method one can use to send money abroad using Mpesa

By linking your PayPal account to your Mpesa number, you will be able to send and receive money via PayPal.


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