How to place your order on Jumia. Beginner Guide

If you are new to Jumia, in this review we shall help you start up and be able to navigate on the Jumia platform, by the end of this post you should be able at learn how to sign up on Jumia, place an order and even make payment for your product that you have ordered. This is a full beginner guide for Jumia clients.

Jumia makes it possible for Kenyans to place orders and buy any product from the Jumia online platform and get them delivered straight to them. Over years Jumia has grown to become the number one online shop in Kenya.

How to place your order on Jumia. Beginner Guide
How To register with Jumia

For one to be able to place an order on Jumia, one needs first to sign up on the Jumia Kenya website. The registration process is pretty simple as all you need to have is an active email address and your phone number.

To create an account with Jumia

Step 1. Visit Jumia website or App

Step 2. Click on Sign in drop down arrow

Step 3. Select create an account

Step 4. Fill in your details including your location

Jumia guide for beginners

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How to place your order on Jumia

To place your order on Jumia

Step 1. Log in to Jumia website or app with your account details

Step 2. Go through the available products on the website. To get your specific product you wish to buy easily, you can search by category options available on the left hand side of the website. Identify the exact product you wish to buy before you can place your order.

Make sure you check out on the size and the price of the item to before you can go ahead and click on the buy button.

Step 3. Once you are convinced the item is the exact one you are looking for and you are comfortable with the price, go ahead and click on add to cart.

Step 4. Now you will be able to see an addition on the cart icon on the top right corner as show below. Go ahead and click on the cart icon.


Step 5. Proceed and click proceed on checkout

Step 6. Choose your preferred delivery methods from the options highlighted. You can opt for picking your item at a preferred pickup station from the listed options available or you can opt for home delivery. It is good to note that the home delivery method will attract some extra charges.

Step 7.  Click on proceed to next step. Here if you had opted for a pick up station you will have to choose one from the listed ones in your area. Then proceed to the next step.

Step 8. You will be redirected to the next page where you can make payment.  Jumia allows clients to make instant payments via M-Pesa before placing your order. You can as well opt for making payment for your item on delivery.

Step 9. The last step on placing your order on Jumia is to confirm your order.  You should first confirm with all the charges that you will have to foot among them item price, VAT and Local delivery fee before you can confirm your order.

Once your order has been confirmed and placed, you will receive your confirmation invoice detailing the item description and expected arrival date with the cost.

Jumia will always notify you when your product is ready for pick up.

Jumia also makes it possible for clients to track their item at each stage for shipment process.

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How long Does Jumia take to deliver orders?

If you are in Nairobi, you can expect quick delivery of between 1-2 days. however for clients out of Nairobi, Jumia take between 3-7 days to get orders delivered to clients. However, the period of delivery also is determined by the item ordered. Electronics and quick moving items takes the shortest time possible than large and items with low order rates.

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