How to Join and Transact with Poch La Biashara

Pochi la Biashara is a Safaricom-Mpesa initiative aimed at helping small traders to securely receive mobile money payments from their customers through the Mpesa Platform. This also helps small business people to be able to separate business money from other funds.

In this article we look at what you can be able to do with Pochi La Biashara  a Safaricom Mpesa innovation. We shall tell you how to register and join on Pochi la Biashara, how to access your funds on pochi La Biashara as a business person, how to check your Pochi la Biashara balance and how to transfer funds from Pochi la Biashara to your Mpesa wallet.

Requirements to Join Poch La Biashara

Joining Pochi la Biashara is actually free. For any trader or small business person to join Pochi La Biashara, all you need is an Active Mpesa registered SIM card.

How to register and JoinPochi la Biashara

To register for Pochi La Biashara
  • Using your M-PESA registered line, dial *334#
  • Select Pochi La Biashara Option from the menu
  • Select join Pochi la Biashara option
  • Now accept the Pochi la Biashara Terms and Conditions
  • Select your business category from the list provides provided and press okay
  • You will then receive an SMS confirmation that you have successfully opted into Pochi La Biashara
How to Check your Pochi La Biashara Balance

To check your Pochi La Biashara balance;

  • Dial *334#,
  • Select Pochi La Biashara option
  • Select my Account
  • Select Check Balance option
  • Enter your M-PESA PIN
  • You will receive an SMS with the Pochi La Biashara balance
How to Withdraw Money from Pochi la Biashara
From Mpesa Agent
  • Go to the nearest Mpesa Agent.
  • Dial *334# on your Pochi la Biashara line
  • Select Pochi La Biashara Option
  • Select Withdraw from Agent option
  • Enter Agent number eg 358627
  • Enter Amount you wish to withdraw.
  • Confirm the details and complete the transaction by entering your M-PESA PIN
How to Withdraw from Pochi la Biashara to Mpesa wallet
  • On your Pochi La Biashara Phone, dial*334#
  • Select Pochi La Biashara option
  • Select Withdraw Funds option
  • Select From Pochi La Biashara to My M-PESA
  • Enter Amount you wish to transfer to Mpesa
  • Enter your Mpesa PIN to complete the transaction

You will receive the fund in your Mpesa wallet immediately

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Poch La Biashara Transaction Charges

Send money transaction charges apply when a customer is making payments using Pochi La Biashara. The business owner receiving the payment does not incur any charges.

How to Sell airtime with Pochi La Biashara

One can sell airtime and get profit using Pochi La Biashara. To be able to do so;

Dial 334#>> selects Pochi la Biashara >> >>Selects Sell Airtime>>Enter’s mobile number in the specified format>>enters amount of airtime and completes the transaction using M-PESA PIN

For more inquiries on Pochi la Biashara, you can Check out The official Safaricom Page

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