How To Get Ezoic Approval Quickly

With the world of advertisement ever growing many publishers are looking for the best way to monetize their websites and generate some earnings. Ezoic which is a Google Certified Partner has turned to be one of the best ways to monetize your website content. However many find it challenging to go through application process and get approved. This has prompted many to ask themselves one question. How long does it take to be approved by Ezoic. In this article we shall see how you can get Ezoic approval quickly after making an application.

I have been monetizing my website with Ezoic for some time now and so far am impressed with revenue growth my website is able to generate through Ezoic. For beginners Ezoic is one of the best Advertising Company that leverages on artificial Intelligent to serve ads to visitors in the best way possible. Ezoic through the AI system learns the behavior and patterns of your website visitors and this helps them serve visitors with most appropriate ads. This is quite different compared to most ad networks that treats website visitors the same.

How long does it take to be approved by Ezoic?

Before one can be approved by Ezoic, you should first go through their sign up process on their website and submit your website for review. However, it is the time it takes for your website to be approved that raises so many questions. Sometimes back it would take a day or two for your website to be approved by Ezoic, however currently the company receives so many application requests and thus making the approval process to take much longer. This is evident from the email I received from the support team while I was trying to inquire on why it was taking longer for my website to be approved.

I can understand you are keen to get started and they will review the site for monetisation as soon as possible, to help this process please can you  send over the following so that the Platform Quality team can begin their review:

-A screenshot of the last 30 days of Sessions data from your Google Analytics account,

-And a screenshot of traffic sources for the same date range.

Our Platform Quality team have quite a lot of sites in their review funnel as we have had a lot of sign ups recently – your site will be reviewed soon and a member of their team will reach out to you separately regarding the next steps.

If the site is approved to use Ezoic’s monetization, your Setup Specialist will reach out to assist you with the setup of your site with Ezoic.

However, if the site is not approved at this time, you should be sent an email explaining the reasons why some sites are typically not approved to use Ezoic’s monetization features, and will usually include a form that you can fill out to go on the waiting list for re-review. The support team Noted.

The review process can take up to a few days, however, we’ve had high demand recently so I recommend sitting tight and having a read through all of the new updates and tips on our blog in the mean-time:

All the best,

So, How did I get the approval?

With so many applications being submitted to Ezoic, I will share how I got the immediate approval after many days of waiting. I guess unless you have another way, you can try out my method. But first, I will share with you most likely reasons your application is still pending

  1. Your Website has low monthly traffic

Ezoic states that they accept application from publishers with websites that generate a minimum of 10,000 visitors per month. If your website is generating less than 10,000 pageviews , your application is unlikely to be approved. However, as from June 2021, Ezoic scrapped the 10,000 pageview requirement and you can now get Ezoic approval even with less traffic.

  1. You are not in good standing with Adsense

Ezoic being a certified Google Partner requires that you adhere closely to Adsense Policies. They prefer your website should be Monetized with Adsense and complying with Adsense policy. Should your website contravene the Adsense policies, Ezoic is likely to reject your application.

  1. You have not Integrated your website

On the first steps of application process, Ezoic usually asks applicants to go ahead and integrate their websites. This should be done even before your application is approved. Ezoic provides three methods publishers can use to integrate their websites namely ; By Use of Name Servers, WordPress plugin or by Cloudflare method.

  1. You have not Submitted your website Data

One critical step that most applicants miss is failing to submit your analytics data. Ezoic requires applicants to submit their website analytics data for the last 30 days before your website can be approved. The most likely reason why your website is yet to be approved is likely because you are yet to submit a copy of your pageview data for the last 30 days. To submit your data, Email the analytics copy of your website of the last 30 days to your Representative (Point of Contact). If you are yet to be assigned one email the analytics data to the support Email. One good thing with Ezoic is that their Email response is usually quick.

Ezoic ads revenue

How To Get Quick Ezoic Approval

As I had state earlier it took days before I got approved. However I did not know there was a way I could get the approval faster rather than waiting for things to happen on their own. Taking a step and emailing my point of contact got this up and running immediately. Sometimes all that is needed is your concern. If your approval status is pending email the Ezoic support team and they will have your attentions. You will immediately be told on what to do and believe me if your set up was correctly done and your site qualifies, your website will be approved.

For me this yielded fruit and I got the approval

I went ahead today and blocked off some time on my calendar to get you set up and running. I would greatly appreciate your patience during this time as Ezoic is seeing an incredible increase in signups over the last few days and i’m slowly working through the bunch. 

I did take a look at the site and think it’s a good fit for the platform so I’ve gone ahead and given you approval. I will reach out with more information once I am finished with my setup. My Account Representative wrote.

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