How to block your lost Standard Chartered bank Card

Losing your Standard Chartered bank debit or credit card can be frustrating. You do not know the danger that may be awaiting and the best option to secure account is blocking your Standard Chartered ATM card.

The best thing is that you can easily block your lost or misplaced your Standard Chartered card.

If you are also sure that your card is not in safe hands and the person holding your card may have access to your card pin number, it is wise you block the card immediately.

By blocking your credit or debit card, no transaction can be done using the card.

In this article I will take you through the best way to block your lost Standard Chartered card through the use of Standard Chartered mobile app.

How to block your Standard Chartered Credit or Debit Card with mobile app

To be able to block your Standard Chartered credit or debit app via the Standard Chartered mobile app, follow the below steps;

Step 1: Login to the Standard Chartered mobile app

Step 2: Select ‘Service Requests’ option

Step 3: Go to ‘Card Management’

Step 4: Select ‘Block and Replace Debit Card’ option if you are blocking a debit card

Step 5: Select ‘Report Lost/Stolen Credit Card’ if you are blocking a Credit card.

Step 6: Enter the reason to block and select the card to be blocked.

Step 7: If replacing, input the address that the new card will be send to

By following these simple steps, you will successfully block or replace your Standard Chartered debit or credit card using the bank’s mobile app.

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Apart from using the Standard Chartered mobile app to block your card, you can also call customer care or visit the bank directly for assistance.

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