How to block Equity bank ATM card

Equity bank ATM card can easily be blocked by the card owner by following outlined Equity bank Debit and Credit cards management process.

Some of the reasons Equity clients may need to block their Equity bank ATM cards is when one has lost his or her card, or when the card is in the hands on untrusted person who may have access to the card’s pin number.

In case you have also misplaced your Equity bank Debit or Credit card. It is good to block it as it may land in wrong hands.

Your Equity bank account may not be secured or safe if your Equity bank ATM card is in wrong hands.

How do you block your Equity bank ATM card?

How to block Equity bank ATM card

There are various ways you can use to block your Equity bank ATM card.

The best and quickest way to block your lost or misplaced Equity bank ATM card is through the Equity Bank Eazzy Banking Mobile app.

How to block your Equity bank ATM card through Equity Eazzy  banking mobile app

Step 1: Download or log into the Eazzy banking mobile app if you already have it

Step 2: Once you are on your bank account homepage, ‘tap on the Menu button’

Step 3: Select the ‘Cards’ option from the menu. Here you will be able to see your card’ s details among them card number and expiry date.

Step 4: Select ‘ manage card’ option

Step 5: Turn on the ‘Block Card’ button

By following these simple steps, your card will successfully be blocked from further usage.

Anyone in possession of your card will not be able to use it to access your bank account unless you unblock it.

Apart from the Eazzy banking mobile app, their are other options Equity bank clients can use to block any access to their bank accounts using the Equity Debit or Credit ATM card.

Visit the bank

By visiting the nearest Equity bank and reporting lost ATM card case, your card will be blocked from accessing your account. Here you will be able to apply for another ATM card to replace the lost one.

Call Equity bank customer care

You can also block your Equity bank ATM card by calling customer came and request for your ATM card to be blocked. Details of your bank account and will be needed before your account can be blocked.



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