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How to append you BBI endorsement signature digitally

President Uhuru Kenyatta and ODM Leader Raila Odinga formally launched the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) signature drive last week. With the launch came a digital option that Kenyans can use to append their endorsement signatures digitally.

The president and the former Prime Minister Raila Odinga were among the first Kenyans to append their signatures digitally.

Kenyans who have wish to support the BBI initiative have the option to use the digital platform or use the manual method.

 According to BBI Secretariat Junet Mohammed, the signatures will be collected until end November. Thereafter, they will be taken to the IEBC for verification. From here, they will be forwarded to the County Assemblies, Parliament and finally to the Public through a referendum process.

BBI signature collection
A photo of President Kenyatta Appending his signature to endorse the BBI report digitally. [Photo Courtesy]
How to append you BBI endorsement signature digitally

To endorse and append your BBI support signature digitally;

  • Log in to website
  • You will find a copy of the BBI report in detail as well as a copy of The Constitution of Kenya (Amendment) Bill 2020 for your perusal.
  • Once you go through the documents, you can then choose to endorse the BBI Constitutional Amendment Bill 2020 by signing digitally.
  • You will be required to key in some details. These are: Your National ID number or Passport, First name, Last name, Telephone number, Email address, Gender, County, Constituency, Ward and polling station.
  • Once you confirm that the information provided is correct, you can then proceed to sign off your endorsement using your touchpad and click on “endorse” to append the signature.

That’s it by following these simple steps, you will be able to append your endorsement signature.

You can append the signature using your smartphone or a computer device.

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