How to access free Wi-Fi in Kenya

We have come of age where accessing the internet was an adventure on its own left for the rich and only those who could afford it. Currently Wi-Fi is the most popular means to get connected to the internet and we have companies that have gone to the length of providing free Wifi to Kenyans.

Data bundles have continued to be cheap over years but the growing number of sophisticated gadgets has increased the appetite for data among internet users. People are spending more time on internet than they used to some few years ago and their gadgets are consuming more data. This has called for the need to have unlimited Wi-Fi that can support multiple users.

In Kenya you are likely to find free Wi-Fi in a town near you that can keep you connected to the internet. Most universities and learning institutions in Kenya have made it possible for their students to access free Wi-fi as well.

Companies that provide free Wifi in Kenya

Here are some of the companies that provide free wifi to Kenyans. All you need is to be within the Wi-Fi network signal range to get connected.

  1. Moja Wifi

Moja is BRCK’s free public WiFi network. Anyone within range of the signal can connect to the internet for free and access Moja’s stored content to watch shows, listen to music, or read books. With Moja, users pay to get online with their time, attention, or engagement rather than with money.

BRCK that runs Moja wifi exists to connect Africa to the internet, removing the barriers to connectivity in order to increase economic opportunity.

The company has wifi devices in Nairobi and other town. The Moja Wifi is also popular among Kenyan Matatus in major cities.

Moja WiFi

  1. Wifi Map

Wifi Map uses WiFi Finder app that makes it easy to locate and connect to Free WiFi networks so you can get fast, reliable Internet on-the-go in places you shop, dine and travel.

With Wifi Map, whether you want to post on social media or upload videos of your adventures, countless free, their hotspots in most Kenyan airpots make this easy to do. You will find that free airport WiFi can be found in most places. Few airports are unequipped to provide you with WiFi. So when you land at your destination you can begin chronicling your travels right away with Wifi map.

Their App allows users to access features such as, WiFi Finder,Offline Maps, Data Saver, VPN among others.

To find out where you can find a Wifi map hotspot, down load a Wifi Map App on Google Play store or Appstore.

  1. Surfspot

Surf hotspots lets you connect to the internet and enjoy your favorite videos, social media, sports, drama and more.You can use any device in range of a Surf hotspot to connect.

To use Surfspot you are required to watch an advert to earn free data bundles or buy affordable data for as little as ksh.15. Surfspots are conveniently located around Nairobi where people live, work and play.

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  1. Expresswifi

Express wifi is provided by facebook and enables you to connect to free WiFi in most town centres in Kenya. By signing up, you will immediately get started with some free MBs while connected to the Exprss WiFi network in cities countrywide.

With Express Wi-Fi, you get to access Facebook and other popular websites.

By doing a Wifi search with your smartphone, you will be able to get connected to the nearest ExpressWiFi hotspot near you.

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