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How SWVL Ride Bus Services Operates

SWVL is a tech-driven, affordable, and convenient transportation service, committed to enabling cities, people and businesses to move everywhere.

Launched in February 2019 in Nairobi Kenya, the Ksh.1.5 billion investment began with four routes but has since spread out to more routes to different towns in Kenya.

This Egyptian ride hailing company launched in Nairobi to provide transport services to commuters and long distance travelers. The success of the SWVL bus services within Nairobi has made company to roll out its services and areas far from Nairobi.

You can now book for SWL Services if you are traveling to Kisumu, Mombasa, Nakuru, Eldoret, Kisii and so many other towns. The services are available to passengers both traveling to and from Nairobi.

SWVL has three categories of rides namely, SWVL Daily for commuters, SWVL Travel for long distance travelers  and SWVL Business best suited for business class.

How To Get Started with SWL

To get started with SWVL, all one needs to do is download the SWVL Mobile app available on Playstore for android users and Appstore for iPhone users. Then one needs to create an account they will be using to book for travels at specific time of the day.

They have several designated pick up points on each route that riders can choose from. Upon arriving at the pick up points, the SWVL buses offers an allowance of 2min waiting time upon which the passenger should board the bus. The buses do keep time as much as possible.

The Buses are clean and comfortable, more like the tourist buses you see around. The bus drivers are very friendly and interesting as well. The commute experience is very seamless and the bus travels at moderate speeds of approximately 60Km/hr.

The buses only pick up and drop off at the designated pickup/dropoff points indicated on the app itself and the app allows you to schedule/book a bus at different times of the day and even two or three days in advance. The app has really been improved and it has a simple interface to use and navigate with ease.

The buses are equipped with high speed internet making it comfortable for long distance travelers to browse and comfortably work online.

They also have promotion codes that clients can use or redeem to enjoy free rides or pay less while commuting.

SWVL Charges

Basically SWVL charges a fixed fee depending on your destination.  For instance you will pay Ksh.200 for rides within Nairobi. Unlike the usual Matatu menace within Nairobi that sees bus fare charges change each and every time depending on the time of the day, Weather condition and traffic, SWVL has made it possible to keep their prices fixed regardless of the time and traffic condition.

Here is a detailed report on SWVL charges for various destinations SWVL Charges, Destinations and Routes

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