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How I transformed my husband from being a stingy person

My name is Stella. I got into marriage with who I thought was the right man to live with. He appeared to be loving and really took care of me while we were on the courtship period. Within a short time we got into marriage and that was the time rain started beating me. He changed from a person who was taking care of me to a more stingy person. He would do every important activity in the house that needed money. He never trusted me with money to the extent that he would even buy me clothes as he said I seemed so much wasteful.

I really did not like this as a woman of the house I wanted him to give me money so as I would make some important decisions in the house. At times I wondered how he even would buy food in the house something that mostly I grew up knowing that it was the duty of the wife to know what the family would eat. Each time I asked him why he behaved in such a manner he told me that was the only way he would save unnecessary spending of money in the house. He would walk in the market and purchase anything I wanted but he never gave me any coin to do the same as he said I was wasteful.

This was not his only problem as he rarely gave me any money keeping in mind I had no job hence I needed money for my personal needs something that he really did not like doing. Severally I had tried to get money from him and this would lead to wrangles most of the times. At times he would get into the bathroom carrying his wallet so as I would not see how much he had. I really wondered which kind of marriage I was living in if he never liked giving me money despite being his legal wife.

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Being stingy was his nature as he really even did not like spending on his own person issues like buying his own clothes. I was not ready to tolerate this behavior and it forced me to seek some traditional help from a traditional doctor. This was after I shared the story to a friend who his husband had been having a similar problem and through Dr Mugwenu he changed.

Dr Mugwenu casted some spells that would make him a free man to his family and the stingy nature would also come to an end. This spells were successful as since then he was giving me money. I was now fully in charge of the house unlike before where he made all decisions that concerned the use of money.

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