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Here is confession from a lady who had an affair with her husband’s dad and ended up falling for him

We had been married together with my husband for four years now and really we had a strong relationship as we never cheated on each other or something of the sort. Everything changed when his mother died of throat cancer and really it was such some dark time in our lives. His father was the most affected by it for sure, given the circumstances, we decided to take care of him and have him live in our house, for the time being so he isn’t alone.

He was 51 years by then and since the death of his wife, he has been very very hard on himself, sometimes even having thoughts of committing suicide. One night he got drunk and started getting very emotional with me, he mistook me for his wife who passed. I panicked but given the situation,I just let him cry it out while he hugged me and touched me. He apologized the next day after remembering what he had done. He said that due to the mental stress he feels that life was worthless without his wife, and he bluntly asked me to relieve him, emotionally.

I agreed and almost every day before my husband comes home, I would let him hug it out and we we’d talk about things that I have never talked about on the level even with my husband. As time went on, I felt more and more natural for me as I began to spend more time with my father-in-law in comparison to my husband.It happened when the company he was working for forced him to retire, that was a huge shock for the family and my father-in-law regressed to gloomier self.

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That night Is when I offered to take it to one step further, through pity and hoping to bring his mood back to how it was before. In my life I had never had an affair with anyone else but my husband. Within time I had been more emotionally attached to my husband’s father than to my husband. It was  now a habit and each particular day we would have an act before my husband was home. I never wanted my kid to turn to be my dad in law. I needed a break through and someone who would help me out of this limbo which really needed some spiritual cleansing

Each time I did it I would regret and cry but still did it the following day. A certain spiritual doctor {Dr Mugwenu} who I met on his social media channel solved my puzzle for he performed some traditional cleansing rituals that ensured the same thing never happened again. Things really worked as we even moved my father in-law to a different place out of our home. Peace and harmony since then has reigned our marriage since then.

You can get help from Dr Mugwenu from where you are though distance healing. Mugwenu doctors say one of their greatest attributes is distance healing. They will work together with you, but detachment is the key to success during this healing process.You must be in a quiet place and detach yourself from any disturbance. Connect with him through contact -+254740637248 email website