From a House Saloonist to Owning a Top Beauty Parlor in Millimani Estate

At times life has different kinds of examinations and at some point I was in the process of being tempted on the depth of my faith and hope. I’m Annabel from Ngong. At some point I had completely lost hope in life since I had no job to do keeping in mind everyone including my ailing mother expected I to assist her despite the hard times of the economy.

I could not go hungry since I had a know how on how to make hair styles and so a lot of ladies especially from our area of residence would come at our home for easy hair styles and later pay me.

I needed a breakthrough and at some point I even had bigger dreams of one day owning a top salon or a beauty parlor sometimes if things went my way.

I became popular and so I had started having roots in our entire area as a top beautician. The problem was that I was doing all this in our single room that we would live in. This did not give me an ample time to associate with my clients as it really inhibited my privacy.

I would admire top beauty parlors and one day I hoped I would have my own through my hard work and working smart. I did the job for a long time where the money I was getting from doing the job I would buy my own equipment slowly.

So I asked for advice from various people who I knew they were successful in business. They all told me it is hard work and persistence that pays off.

I decided to open a saloon shop in our neigbourhood. I started getting a few customers. I had many reasons to quit, but the few customers that were visiting my saloon kept me going.

Sooner or later, my business grew. I learned to save and after 5 years of saving, I had acquired enough money to open a beauty parlor and move to the heart of town. Currently, I have a big Beauty parlor in Nairobi Milimani Estate by the name T&L beauty.

My advice to anyone who is starting up, is never give up.

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