Expect More Flights From China: Chinese Embassy Has Confirmed

Expect more flights from China to Kenya, the Chinese Embassy has confirmed. This comes despite the Kenyan government’s refusal to evacuate Kenyans stuck in China due to the Coronavirus outbreak; Chinese citizens continue arriving in droves unhindered.

The embassy released a statement on Wednesday confirming that the China Southern Airlines have resumed flights from Guanzhou to Nairobi.

Some airlines originating from China are still being allowed to land in Nairobi weeks after Kenya Airways suspended its flights to and from China amid coronavirus outbreak.

The China Southern airline has announced the reduction of its flights to Jomo Kenyatta to one flight per week

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According to the Chinese Embassy, they notified the Ministry of Health in advance, and that all passengers on board were screened, cleared and advised to self-quarantine for 14 days.

Kenya cancelled its flights to China which has been hit hard by the Coronavirus epidemic. The decision to allow planes from China into the country is what has angered many Kenyans. In a video circulating online from Wednesday, a Chinese air plane with 239 passengers is seen landing at JKIA ,with Chinese passengers seen alighting from the planes in masks. The poor Kenyans without protective masks are seen receiving the visitors.

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The coronavirus has claimed over 2800 lives with over 80,000 being infected.

The World Health organization had expressed its fears of the virus spreading to countries with weak health system. With Kenya seen not enough prepared, the act of allowing the Chinese airline in the country is seen as a gamble by the government with the lives of its citizens.

Here are some of the reactions from Kenyans on Twitter commonly referred to us KOT

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@joannekuria.This country can drive you bonkers!!The ineptitude of the Kenyan Government regarding the coronavirus  is ridiculous. And what on earth is self quarantine?What is this insatiable financial drive that blinds us from protecting the lives and health of Kenyans!


@KitoiO. Kenyan students are stuck in China , the task force saying they can’t be brought back because of risks of infection. Yet, a plane carrying 239 people from the second most hit region in China is allowed in. Most of the being Chinese. We are all dead!


@Omido_jr. This is exactly what Iran’s Deputy health Minister said and he himself tested positive Be watchful ye careless kenyan leaders. This virus is no respecter of position

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@RmMuriithi. As i mentioned someone is stepping all over our sovereignty.fear looms in fear chaos win. This government won’t protect its own people.. maybe just maybe its time we protected ourselves. We must demand as a people.we must fight!


@ipsimutaiA reckless government that doesn’t care about it’s people and always putting them in danger, let alone leaving it’s people in Wuhan to die and now letting coronavirus to kill us too.

@mgettoh_254. In the wake of the Ebola pandemic all flights to west Africa were cancelled!What is it in China that is more valuable than our health…..Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta what are you doing!


@ItsKiprotich1. Other countries have imposed travel bans, visa restrictions and suspended flights to and from China but Kenya we let them in like nonsense. What the is the problem with us really??




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