Charms to Win a Tender: Enhancing Your Chances of Success

Have you ever wondered how some people seem to have a knack for winning tenders and securing lucrative contracts in government?

Do you wish you could improve your chances of success in the competitive and challenging world of tendering? If so, you might be interested in learning about the power of charms and how they can help you attract good luck, fortune, and favour from the decision-makers.

Charms are objects with magical or supernatural properties that can influence the outcome of events. They can be of different types, such as amulets, talismans, feng shui objects, gemstones, herbs, and spices.

Many people use charms to enhance their chances of winning a tender, which is a process where governments or private institutions source goods and services from the public through a bidding system.

In this article, we will explore some of the most effective charms to win a tender, how to choose the right one for you, how to activate and use it effectively, and some real-life stories of people who have used charms to improve their financial situation.


Types of Charms to Win a Tender

There are many types of charms that can help you win a tender, but not all of them may suit your personality, preference, or situation. You need to choose a charm that resonates with you, that you like, and that you can use comfortably and regularly. Here are some of the most common and powerful charms to win a tender:

  • Lucky coins: These are coins that have a special meaning or significance, such as ancient coins, foreign coins, or coins with auspicious symbols or numbers. They symbolise prosperity, abundance, and financial success. You can wear them as a necklace, bracelet, or ring, or place them in your wallet, purse, or money area of your home or office. According to Feng Shui, the money area is the southeast corner of your space, where you can place three, six, or nine coins to activate the energy of wealth.
  • Gemstones: These are natural minerals or crystals that have unique energies and vibrations that can influence your mood, mindset, and actions. Some of the best gemstones for winning a tender are citrine, pyrite, jade, green aventurine, and tiger’s eye. They can help you attract money, wealth, and success, as well as boost your confidence, creativity, and communication skills. You can wear them as jewelry, carry them in your pocket, or place them in your money area.
  • Feng Shui objects: These are objects that are designed or arranged according to the principles of Feng Shui, which is an ancient Chinese art and science of creating harmony and balance in one’s environment. Some of the most effective Feng Shui objects for winning a tender are money frog, dragon, lucky bamboo, and fish. They can help you enhance the flow of positive energy and attract wealth, prosperity, and good fortune. You can place them in your home or office, especially in the east or southeast direction, or in your money area.
  • Auspicious symbols: These are symbols that have a positive meaning or association, such as horseshoes, dragons, elephants, and lotus flowers. They represent luck, prosperity, strength, and purity. You can display them in your home or office, especially in the southwest direction, or wear them as jewelry or accessories. When the symbol is facing up, it is a sign of good luck and prosperity. For example, a horseshoe with the open end facing up can catch the luck, while an elephant with the trunk up can shower you with blessings.

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How to Choose the Right Charm for You

Choosing the right charm for you is not a matter of luck, but of intuition, research, and experimentation. You need to consider several factors, such as:

  • The nature and scope of the tender: Different tenders may require different charms, depending on the type of goods or services, the level of competition, the criteria of evaluation, and the expectations of the decision-makers. For example, if you are bidding for a creative project, you may want to use a charm that can enhance your creativity, such as a gemstone like citrine or a symbol like a dragon. If you are bidding for a technical project, you may want to use a charm that can boost your accuracy, efficiency, and reliability, such as a gemstone like pyrite or a symbol like a tortoise.
  • Your personal preference and belief: The most important factor in choosing a charm is your personal preference and belief. You need to choose a charm that you like, that you feel comfortable with, and that you believe in. If you don’t like or believe in your charm, it will not work for you. You need to have a strong connection and affinity with your charm, as well as a clear intention and focus on what you want to achieve with it. You can also consult experts like Mugwenu Doctors, a Feng Shui expert, a psychic, or a numerologist to help you find the best charm for you, based on your personality, birth date, or lucky number.
  • The availability and affordability of the charm: Another factor to consider is the availability and affordability of the charm. You need to choose a charm that you can easily find and buy, or that you can make yourself. You don’t need to spend a fortune on a charm, as long as it has a meaning and significance for you. You can also use your creativity and imagination to make your own charm with materials and symbols that resonate with you. The most important thing is to have a clear intention and a positive belief in the power of your charm.

Activating and Using Charms Effectively

After you choose your charm, you need to activate it, use it, and be grateful for it. These are the steps that will make your charm work for you and help you win a tender:

  • Activate your charm: Before you use your charm, you need to activate it by cleansing it, charging it, and programming it. Cleansing means removing any negative or unwanted energy that may have accumulated on it. You can cleanse your charm by washing it with water, salt, or vinegar, smudging it with sage or incense, or exposing it to sunlight or moonlight. Charging it means infusing it with positive and powerful energy to enhance its effectiveness. You can charge your charm by placing it on a crystal cluster, a copper plate, or a sacred place or by holding it in your hands and visualising a bright light surrounding it. Programming it means setting a clear and specific intention for what you want to achieve with your charm. You can program your charm by holding it in your hands and saying a positive affirmation, such as “I attract money and wealth easily and effortlessly with this charm.”
  • Use your charm regularly: After you activate your charm, you need to use it regularly to make the most of its benefits. You can use your charm by wearing it, carrying it, or displaying it in a suitable place. You can also use your charm by touching it, rubbing it, or kissing it whenever you need a boost of luck, confidence, or motivation. You can also use your charm by meditating with it, praying with it, or making a wish with it. The more you use your charm, the more you will strengthen your connection with it and the more it will help you achieve your financial goals.
  • Be grateful for your charm: Finally, you need to be grateful for your charm and the positive outcomes it brings into your life. You can express your gratitude by thanking your charm verbally or mentally, by offering it a gift or a sacrifice, or by sharing your success story with others. Being grateful for your charm will increase your vibration, attract more good luck, and create a positive feedback loop that will reinforce your financial success.

Real-Life Experiences with Tender Success Charms

Numerous individuals have shared stories of how charms have played a role in their tender successes. Here are a few examples:

  • John, a construction contractor in Kisumu, attributes his string of successful tender wins to his lucky horseshoe charm, passed down from his grandfather.
  • Sarah, an IT consultant in Nairobi, carries a citrine gemstone pendant given to her by Mugwenu Doctors during tender presentations,and she has worn several tenders to provide IT services in three counties so far.
  • David, a road engineer, strategically places a miniature Feng Shui dragon figurine in his office, attributing his recent tender wins to the dragon’s energy of power and success. He won his first tender to repair and construct bridges in lower eastern region.

These are just some of the real-life stories of people who have used charms to win a tender and achieve their goals. As you can see, there is a diversity of experiences and outcomes, depending on the type of charm, the type of tender, and the personal circumstances of the bidder.

However, all of them share a common theme: the use of charms helped them enhance their chances of success and overcome the challenges they faced. Of course, we respect the privacy of these individuals and we do not reveal their real names or other details without their consent.

We hope that these stories have inspired you and motivated you to try using charms to win a tender yourself.

If you have your own experience with charms, we would love to hear from you, and if you want a powerful charm to win a tender, please contact us.

What are some other ways to improve my chances of winning a tender?

  • To win a tender, you need to understand the buyer’s needs and expectations, highlight your unique selling proposition, and follow the tender instructions and format.
  • You need to show that you can provide the best solution for the buyer’s problem, and that you have the experience and credibility to deliver it.
  • You need to avoid any mistakes or ambiguities that could lower your score or disqualify your proposal.
  • You need to use evidence and examples to support your claims and differentiate yourself from your competitors.
  • Ensure you have all the documents needed, even the most potent charm won’t help if you don’t have the required documents, then follow the process. The charms will then open other doors for you and also ease the process.

How do I find tenders to bid on?

Finding tenders in Kenya:

You can find tenders in Kenya by using online platforms that publish tender notices from various sources, such as PPIPTenders Kenya, and The websites will be different depending on your country, but a simple search on Google will help you.

You can search for tenders by different criteria and get email alerts for relevant ones. You can also visit the websites of the procuring entities that you want to work with and follow their updates.

You can also benefit from the AGPO program that reserves some opportunities for youth, women, and persons with disabilities.

What are dangers of misusing charms to win tenders?

Misusing charms to win tenders can have serious consequences, such as losing your reputation, missing out on feedback and improvement, alienating your team and partners, and losing your authenticity and integrity.

Do not use charms to cheat the process or to deceive the buyers with low-quality products; the universe will punish you.

After getting your charms to help you win the tender, ensure you focus on providing genuine value and quality to the buyer by following some tips, such as selecting the bid carefully, understanding the buyer’s needs and expectations, highlighting your unique selling proposition, and following the tender instructions and format.


In conclusion, using charms to win a tender can be a great way to enhance your chances of success and attract more money and wealth into your life.

Charms are objects that are believed to have magical or supernatural properties that can influence the outcome of events.

There are many types of charms that can help you win a tender, such as lucky coins, gemstones, feng shui objects, and auspicious symbols. To use a charm effectively, you need to choose the right one for you, activate it, use it regularly, and be grateful for it.

You can also read some of the real-life stories of people who have used charms to win a tender and get inspired by their success.

However, remember that a charm is not a magic bullet that can solve all your problems overnight. It is a tool that can help you enhance your positive energy, mindset, and actions, but it is not a substitute for hard work, planning, and discipline.

You still need to prepare a thorough, professional, and compelling proposal that can convince the decision-makers that you are the best bidder for the tender. You also need to approach the use of charms with sincerity, belief, and a proactive mindset. If you do that, you can make the process easier, faster, and more enjoyable.

So, what are you waiting for? Find your charm today and start winning more tenders!

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