Lawsuit Filing Process In A Court Of Law In Kenya

Lawsuit filing in Kenya is a process that can be intimidating, even for those who are familiar with the legal system. Filing a law suite is an important step in the process of taking legal action. It’s what you do when you want to sue someone or get justice.

How do you file a law suite In Kenya?

In most cases it begins with the complainant reporting the matter to the nearest police station. From here your complaint will be recorded in the Occurrence Book and an OB number will be issued to you.

After this the suspect will be asked to surrender or arrested ans will be presented in a court of law.

You can go to your local court and ask for the paperwork, or talk to a lawyer who knows how to file lawsuits and help you argue your case. This is the best way to go over it but requires money.

What does it cost to file a law suite?

It depends on the type of lawsuit that you are filing, but you will have to spend money. This includes: serving papers on other parties involved in your case; preparing documents for court; and paying court costs associated with filing suit if any.

What happens after I file my lawsuit?

After you file your lawsuit, there will be several stages involved before any judgement is awarded in favor of either party involved in the case (complainant vs defendant). These stages include Investigation, mediation/arbitration hearings, settlement , trial dates and finally judgment.

If you are considering filing a lawsuit, here are the steps you need to take:

1. Consult a lawyer. If you have questions about your rights or believe someone has violated them, it’s best to consult a lawyer before taking any action.

2. Gather all relevant documents and evidence. You’ll want to make sure that any relevant witnesses or documents are included in your case, so make sure you identify these as early as possible. You should also gather evidence that supports your claim and makes it clear why you feel the way you do about what happened.

3. File papers with the court clerk’s office or other appropriate agency. Once your paperwork is complete and ready for submission, contact the clerk’s office and let them know that they should expect your paperwork soon. They may even ask you to come in person to hand over copies of everything.

Note: The police will play a bigger role in enuring that justice is served. It is therefore important to co-operate with the police and your lawyers during the process.

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