Best Transport and logistics companies in Mombasa

Transport and logistics plays a major role in the coastal region of Kenya economy. These companies have been a major source of job opportunities to individuals who have skills and knowledge in the transport and logistics field. If you are looking forward to work in the logistics sector, here are some of the best transport and logistics companies in Mombasa.

If you also wish to outsource transport services, it is important to deal with a company with good reputation for efficiency and reliability.

This logistic companies offer services in various areas such as sea/water transport, road transport as well as rail transport. The list below comprises of highly organized and reliable logistic companies you can deal with

Best transport and Logistics companies in Mombasa
  1. Acceler Global Logistics
  2. Agility Kenya
  3. Bertling Logistics
  4. East Global Logistics
  5. Sasa Logistics
  6. Freight Forwarders Kenya Logistics
  7. United Warehouse Limited
  8. Buzeki Logistics Limited
  9. Firstlane Logistics
  10. Kenfreight Group
  11. SGR

Let’s break down and get the information you need to know about each and every company.

  1. Acceler Global Logistics

The Acceler Global Logistics company provides world-class freight and logistics services which include third-party logistics and end to end logistics models.

To contact them, visit Sheetal building , Off Moi Avenue, Mombasa they can as well be contacted via Email: You can also contact them directly through their official contact number +254 4123 11992.

  1. Agility Kenya

Agility Kenya has been around for sometime now. It is a tested and proven transport and logistics company in Kenya.

Agility Kenya offers freight forwarding, contract logistics and logistics solutions that connect businesses to suppliers and markets across the world.

Location: 5th Floor, BP Plaza, Nyali, Mombasa

  1. Bertling Logistics

Bertling Logistics was established in 2011, in collaboration with expertized local partners to jointly offer freight forwarding services in East and Central Africa. The company is located at Rockwall Plaza, 1st Floor, Links Road, Mombasa.

  1. East Global Logistics

East Global Logistics is one of the best logistic companies in Mombasa and Kenya as a whole. The company is licensed to handle clearing and forwarding of all transit and local cargo such as containers, break-bulk cargo, project cargo, units and earth moving machinery, UN and relief supplies.

In Mombasa, East Global Logistics is located at Seaview Plaza, 3rd Floor, Mama Ngina Drive, Mombasa

  1. Sasa Logistics

Sasa logistics is a front-runner when it comes to transportation sector in Kenya and the East African region.

Sasa Logistics is a privately owned company that offers road cargo transport and logistics solution for projects in Eastern Africa, requiring the inward transport of consumables from the port of Mombasa.

The company has its head office at Port Reitz.

  1. Freight Forwarders Kenya Limited

The company offers a comprehensive range of clearing, forwarding, warehousing and logistics services. The company has a reputation for offering up to standard services to its clients.

  1. United Warehouse Limited

United Warehouse Limited is another big warehouse service provider in the coastal region.

The company provides integrated transport and logistics solutions to tea and general cargo industry in East Africa. The head office of United Warehouse Limited is located at Mashundu Street, Shimanzi.

  1. Buzeki Logistics limited

Buzeki logistics is based in Mombasa with Politician cam business Bundotich Zedekiah Kiprop being the director.

The company has a full-fledged freight forwarding/logistics department staffed by highly qualified professionals who are able to handle both FCL and LCL cargo satisfactorily.

Buzeki Logistics has its head office at Mariakani, Mombasa

  1. Firstlane Logistics

Firstlane logistics has been in operation for some years now. Firstlane Logistics prides itself as an international freight forwarder and logistics provider with expertise in ocean freight, airfreight and road transport for perishable products, general cargo and warehousing.

Firstlane is based in Mombasa located at NSSF Building, Nkuruma Road.

  1. Kenfreight Group

Kenfright group has a fleet of transportation vehicles that traverse various towns in Kenya and beyond to deliver cargo. Kennfrieght Group commands a sizable share of the freight handling market in Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Congo and Southern Sudan.

  1. SGR

The Standard Gauge Railway is the latest entrant in the transport sector in the coastal region. SGR majorly transports cargo from the coastal region to Nairobi with ability to transport many large containers at ago.


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