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Best Motorcycle Brands To Buy In Kenya

The Kenyan motorbike market is full of some of the best motorbike brands. Whether you want to start a bodaboda business or you want a motorcycle for your personal use or business, it is important to go for the best performing motorbike brand available on the Kenyan market.

There are a number of motorcycle or bodaboda brands with a good reputation that have been tested and proven. Some o the best motorbike brands commonly available on the Kenyan market include; Bajaj Boxer, TVS, Sonlink, Hero, Yamaha among others.

Some of the factors to consider when buying a motorcycle either for bodaboda or personal use include; engine capacity, fuel consumption, price and availability of repair parts on the market. At the end of this article, I will elaborate what to consider under each factor. So, please red till the end to get full guidance.

Below is a list of some of the best motorbike brands to buy in Kenya

Best Motorcycle Brands To Buy In Kenya

  1. Bajaj Boxer

Bajaji Boxer is one of the most efficient and the best motorbike brand you can buy for your bodaboda business or personal use. This motorbike brand is very efficient when it comes to fuel consumption. The engine of this motorbike is optimized to run on low fuel thus ensuring you can cover much longer distance on low amount of fuel.

Bajaj Boxer also beats other brand of motorcycle in Kenya on repair parts. You can easily get any spare or repair parts of this motorcycle at a cost friendly price from almost all spare parts resellers. This makes Bajaj Boxer on of the best brand that can easily be maintained. This brand of motorbike comes with powerful engine capacities of 100CC, 125CC 150CC and 200CC. The price for Bajaj Boxer starts from Ksh.100,000

  1. TVS

TVS is another well known motorbike brand that is common in Kenya. Just like Bajaj Boxer, TVS is another super Motorcycle brand you can buy in Kenya. This motorcycle is best for both personal and commercial use. You can easily buy this motorbike on the local market at an affordable price. The price for TVS motorbike starts from Ksh.100,000. However, the engine capacity and other important features will determine the price of the motorbike.

You can get all the TVS brand pf motorbike spare parts on the local market at affordable and competitive prices. The TVS brand of motorbike is also efficient on fuel consumption.

  1. Sonlink

Sonlink is one of the strongest motorcycle made for both light duty and heavy duty. The Sonlink brand has a good reputation on the Kenyan roads and has proven to be worth buying. The motorbike is made for both old tarmac road and also performs well on rough road. With this motorbike, you are assured of sooth running of business either commercially as bodaboba as well as for personal use.

Sonlink brand of motorbike has quite a number of service centres distributed across the country and has repair parts readily available on the Kenyan market. Apart from two wheelers, Sonlink also smell three wheelers

  1. Hero

Hero is another best motorbike brand that is available on the Kenyan market. Already on the market is Hero Xpulse 200, Hero Hunter 150, Hero Hunter 125, and Hero Hunter 100.

The company has state-of-the-art authorized workshops in Kenya with well laid out standards for two-wheeler servicing with fully equipped infrastructure having quality precision instruments, pneumatic tools and a team of highly trained service technicians.

Their repair parts are also available on the Kenyan market with most distributers.

  1. Yamaha

Yamaha is one of the oldest yet the beat motorbike brands on the Kenyan market. This quality brand of motorbike is an affiliate of the Toyota Kenya and distributes quite range of motorbikes brands.

Yamaha is best suited for companies and institutions that run delivery or extension services. Although the brand was widely dominant on the Kenyan market, the Yamaha brand of motorbike has lately been overtaken by Bajaj, Boxer, TVS, Hero and Sonlink.

Yamaha motorbike repair parts on the Kenyan market are available but they tend to be expensive compared to the other 4 discussed brands above.

Currently on the Kenyan market, you will get the Yamaha AG 125 which goes from Ksh, Yamaha AG 200 for Ksh. 606,320, Yamaha XT 125 at Ksh. 463,030, XT 250 at Kh. 788,450 and Yamaha DT 175 at Ksh. 642,310

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Factors To Consider When buying a Motorcycle

Before you make a decision to buy a motorcycle, it is important to make a comparison on various factors below is what you should look for when buying a motorcycle in Kenya

Availability of Repair parts

One of the key consideration to make is whether or not repair parts of the motorcycle brand are readily available on the Kenyan market.  You can easily know this by how prominent the motorcycle is on the local market. At one point one part of your motorcycle will break and you will need to either repair or replace it.

If the spare parts are scarce, the overall cost will definitely be too expensive. This will negatively impact the cost of maintaining your motorcycle.


You have no valid reason to spend a lot of money on a particular motorcycle brand when you can get an alternative of the same quality at a much cheaper price. If you should spend more, the quality should be superior. At the end of the day, you should get the value for your money.

Engine Capacity

The engine capacity of a motorcycle you can buy should be determined by the work or usage and terrain of operation. If you are buying a motorcycle for commercial purpose involving luggage, then you need to buy a motorcycle with a higher engine capacity.

Operating on rough road and mountainous terrain also requires a heavy-duty engine. On the other hand, if you use your motorbike for lighter duties and on tarmacked road, them getting a low engine capacity will be the best idea. Buy doing so, you will be able to save on the fuel consumption as well.

Most motorcycle brands comes with different engine capacities of 100CC, 125CC 150CC and 200CC

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