Best Grocery Stores with Online Deliveries in Mombasa

Groceries are essential food items that one must have everyday. If you live in Mombasa and are tired of moving around shopping for groceries, then you don’t have to do that anymore. You don’t even have to make those long queues in the supermarkets to shop for groceries. There are many grocery stores that offer online deliveries in Mombasa. With a click of a button or a single call, you can have your desired grocery items delivered to your doorstep within a short time. Some online grocery stores in Mombasa even allow their customers to pay for goods on delivery.


Some grocery stores sell their items exclusively online, while others sell both online and physically. Others also sell a variety of non food items such as clothes and beauty products. In this article, we shall see a list of best grocery stores that offer online deliveries in Mombasa.

List of Grocery Stores with Online Deliveries in Mombasa


1.  Society Stores


Society stores is a Kenyan supermarket that also offers online delivery services to its customers in Mombasa. Its first branch which is located in Thika town was opened in 2014. It currently has six more branches in different towns namely: Naivasha, Ruiru, Maua, Limuru, Meru and Mombasa.


Society stores claims to be the only discount retailer in Kenya that follows the Everyday Low Price (EDLP) and Everyday Low Cost (EDLC) strategies.


Society stores have in-store bakeries in which breads and cakes are baked and are among the food items that are delivered to customers in Mombasa. Other groceries that it offers include dairy products, fresh fruits and vegetables. It also sells electronics, toiletries, kitchenware and motorbikes.


2.  Branded Fine Foods (BFF)


Branded Fine Foods is one of the best grocery stores with online deliveries in Mombasa. It was established in Kenya in 1995. It deals exclusively on the sale and distribution of fruits, which are sourced from Egypt, South Africa and other international distributors and growers. Sourcing their products from different parts of the world enables this online grocery store to have seasonal fruits available for customers all year round.


Branded Fine Foods takes the quality of its products seriously. Its warehouses and distribution vehicles are equipped with refrigerators that ensure that the fruits remain fresh when its customers finally get them. Additionally, it has a team that conducts routine quality checks on the groceries.


The company has a strong presence in Kenya and East African countries of Uganda and Rwanda. It has ambitions of expanding its presence to Ethiopia and Tanzania in future.


If you live in Mombasa and in need of fresh fruits, you can order for them online through its website, www.brandedfine.com. Here is a list of variety of fruits that are available for its customers:

  • Kiwi
  • Plums
  • Grapes
  • Oranges
  • Lemons
  • Nectarines
  • Apples
  • Apricots
  • Soft Citrus


3.  Jambo Shoppe


Jambo Shoppe is one of the best online retail outlets that sells a wide variety of items, including groceries. It offers online delivery services to most parts of the country. If you are in Mombasa and you shop for groceries from time to time, this could be just the best online grocery store for you to be shopping at.


To shop for groceries online at Jambo Shoppe, you simply visit its website, www.jamboshop.com, and sign up for an account. From there, shopping for groceries is easy, just select the groceries you want, pay online and wait for them to be delivered.


Groceries that are available at this online retail store include: alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, packaged foods and breakfast foods among others.


4.  Avechi


Avechi is an e-commerce website that deals with a wide range of products like electronics, kitchen appliances, fashion groceries and many more. Drinks, snacks, sauces and cooking oils are just but a few of the groceries that are available.


Avechi is ideal for people who want to buy groceries, but would rather have them delivered instead of going out to get them. It offers delivery services in Mombasa and all over the country. Other than Kenya, it also has presence in countries like Uganda, Tanzania, South Sudan, Botswana and Rwanda.


To shop for groceries online, you have to visit its website, www.avechi.com, and register for an account. It allows its customers to pay for groceries online in two installments. The second installment, which is not more than 50% of the price of the product, is paid when the product is delivered to the customer.


5.  A1 Supermarket


If you need groceries in Mombasa, you can head to A1 Supermarket which is situated along Digo road in the city. A1 supermarket does not offer online delivery of groceries, but its services and products are of high quality and fresh.


Here, you can shop for groceries such as fruits, vegetables, cooking oils, cereals and cakes among others.


6.  Tuskys Bandari Branch


Tuskys supermarket is one of the largest retail outlets in Kenya that offers a wide variety of items including groceries. Due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic and in order to avoid congestion at its stores, Tuskys in March 2020, enabled 16 of its numerous branches to offer online shopping and deliveries. Tuskys, Bandari branch which is located in Mombasa is one of the branches that were selected to offer the services.


To buy groceries online from Tuskys Bandari branch, you simply write down and send your shopping list, contacts and location to its branch whatsapp number, 0110909405, or email to bandaricustomercare@tuskys.com. Tuskys will then reply with the total cost of the items and the M-pesa paybill number that you will pay to. After payment has been completed, your groceries will be delivered to your home within a short period of time.

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