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Best Event Companies in Mombasa

People nowadays are civilized and live in a modern way full of luxury. The event venues and management are improved on daily basis. Mombasa is one of the most occupied town in Kenya with various events. The residents are from different part of the country whereby some come with their culture while others assimilate the Coastal culture. The event planners have learned and have the experience from all culture across the country.

They organize and manage any event or occasion to satisfy the needs of the customer. Since some people do not know how to plan for their events, Mombasa city have come up with different companies to assist and make a marvelous event for them. The following are some of industries that handle events in Mombasa.

Best Event Companies in Mombasa

  1. Beautiful You Events

This is one of the most beautiful event industry with all lush facilities required for any occasion. They offer services in wedding planning, restaurant services and hiring chairs and tents. Their services are excellent with flexible and at affordable charges in favor of all clients from different backgrounds.

The industry plays a big part in wedding organizing since they have flora shop. This makes their work easier when arranging and decorating the venue. They are able to choose flowers with nice color to create the image in attendee’s heart. The place leaves fresh memories to all attendance.

Beautiful You Events also have chairs for hiring to be used in any event. The chairs are chiavari that are presentable in the eyes or the invited guest at affordable price. They offer tents also which are of the high quality and enough for the event.

The industry work together with beach hotels in Malindi, Diani, Watamu and Mombasa. This clearly means that this industry has amenities. The recreation areas have enough space to enjoy and a fresh mind. The breeze of the beach brings fresh moments to the guest. The company has accommodate rooms for private and corporate meetings that are large and medium. The rooms are well equipped with facilities of high quality for both standard and executive rooms. The hotels are amazing with organized menu.  The catering team always ensure they prepare delicious meals that earns them recognition. They serve both modern and traditional foods.

  1. Greenwood Events

It is an event industry located at Nyali in Mombasa city in Kenya. The company offers business services in all kind of events like, wedding venue, parties, meetings, reception and fundraising. The place has admirable environment with oasis of lavishy landscape. The team in this company plans an exceptional sit-down dinner too. Their plans are exclusive. The charges are flexible and affordable which considers all backgrounds of the clients. They serve every customers equally regardless of the kind of event. They believe that not all clients have the same issues or events. Some clients may order for wedding venue while some for meeting ground, they are all listened to and paid attention to.

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When you happen to see the arrangement of wedding venue, you will give them applause since they are the best. The floral of different colors and size, well placed that leave people amazed. It is a beautiful place which is the ultimate unique venue in Nyali. Actually, it is an extensive place to hire for your next event.

Green Event has a precious parking space which can accommodate one hundred and eighty to two hundred cars. It also has a place for meetings. The capacity can accommodate one thousand people. The setup of the meeting is done according to the number ordered by the client. The good thing with this event venue is that whatever it is discussed by the clients, it remains between the walls.

This company has the perfect serving points for every guest. Their menu suites all the craving clients. It is on the industry that has more experience in serving multiple of people from different parts of the world. The seasonal inspired menu they offer is a unique way in the restaurant that makes the company different from other hotels. Most people like this place due to its support team that is always available and is ready to work with passion. It is a luxurious place for any event. The industry is open from Monday to Friday at eight o’clock in the morning to five o’clock in the evening, while on Saturday it is from eight o’clock in the morning to twelve o’clock in the afternoon.

  1. Tamarind Village Apartments

This is an event company that is based in Nyali in Mombasa city. It has eight hundred and eleven centers, venues and halls that are used for different occasions. The resort is of a U-shaped setup that can accommodate one hundred guests in the meeting and also has classroom that have capacity of three hundred people. They offer accommodation with free wireless fidelity (wi-fi) for browsing and recreational amenities like swimming pool.

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The industry has a catering team that is well organized and serves guest on time with the best menu which makes the customers to enjoy being at the casino. The meals are served for lunch dinner and also contains breakfast each morning. The rooms of this apartment are equipped with lush facilities. They have modern equipment like flat screen television that is fitted in the rooms for the guest to watch and avoid getting board. There are also private bathrooms which are used for taking a shower to refresh the guest who had the long day. The place has free parking space and also vehicles for rental services are available here. It is a nice place for events and even for private talks. The place is unique because it has good health facilities around it. Their priority is the welfare of their clients.

  1. Sarova Whitesands Beach

This is one of the best events industry in Mombasa city that offers services in honeymoon, meetings, beach weddings and birthday parties. Their charges are affordable to any member who is interested. They pay attention to everyone regardless of the event being organized. Their services are the best in Mombasa city. The place is beautiful, cold and wonderful landscape garden. This industry is known by ensuring that their guests enjoy the most luxurious and relaxing stay in lush furnished rooms with spectacular ocean and swimming pool. The company also has the best arrangement of events that earns it a name.

Sarova Whitesands Beach resort has restaurants that provides breakfast, lunch and dinner with excellent menu. The meals can be served in a buffet since most of the people are more civilized. This resort is big enough to hold many different events. The accommodation rooms are three hundred and thirty eight in number. The parking space is also larger enough to hold a big number of vehicles which is not less than 50. The setup of the conference is from ten seats to eight hundred seats capacity.

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The place is beautiful to enjoy leisure time with your family or friends. It has all recreational activities like, water slide, spring board and diving board and many other activities. The area is also the best for adventure.

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  1. Prideinn Paradise Beach Hotel and Sea Spa

Tis event industry is located in Mombasa to Malindi Road near Shanzu beach. The place is a distance of twenty five minutes from Mombasa city around Vipingo Airstrip. The environment is cool surrounded by coconut palms which makes the place to look beautiful and nice place for weddings and photo shooting.

Prideinn Paradise is famous due to its standard hotel that is a place for leisure. It provide a good room for business, meetings and other events as well. The team serves people in a descent and professional manner that earns them a reward of a good name.

The accommodation rooms are well furnished with beautiful facilities and gadgets like flat screen television are placed for people to watch their favorite TV programs and match if they are interested on them. The rooms are of large and medium sizes for meetings. They have standard and exclusive rooms for the clients from different backgrounds. The rooms are three hundred in number which can accommodate many people at a time. There is also enough parking space of not less than eighty cars and seating capacity of twenty people to two thousand people. The support staff is innovative and does an excellent job within the timeline. Their pace impress many clients which makes most of them to book for the next event.

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