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Best Data Research Firms in Kenya

In order for businesses to sail smoothly, they first need to understand the markets they are involved in. They also need to know other information like how their products are faring on in the markets and customer preferences. To get all this information, they need to conduct market research and Establish some of the best data research firms that can do the right job.

This will however cost them their time and resources. The good thing is that there are Data research firms that take up the task to provide comprehensive data collection, analysis, and reporting to be used to make important decisions. In this article, we have made a list of the best data research firms in Kenya.


Apart from conducting market research, these firms also engage in activities such as brand promotion, collection of market intelligence, and conducting media research.


Key Steps that Data Research Firms in Kenya use in the Process of Conducting Market Research
  1. Data collection: This is the process where the data research firm collects data by use of different methods like interviews, questionnaires, and focus group discussions among others.
  2. Data Analysis: This is a step where useful information is extracted from the data that has been collected.
  3. Data Reporting: This is where the analyzed data is submitted and presented. This can be done through several methods like graphs and pie charts. The report can then be used to make decisions.


List of Best Data Research Firms in Kenya

There are dozens of data research firms in Kenya. Most of them are headquartered in Nairobi and their scope of operation spans across several African markets. Below is a list of some of the best data research firms in Kenya.

1.    Research 8020

Research 8020 is one of the best and highly reputed data research firms in Kenya. It offers qualitative and quantitative data research solutions to many firms across Sub-saharan Africa.


Apart from private firms, it also works with Governmental and Non-governmental Organizations (NGOs). Some of the firms it has worked with include:

  • United Nations Assistance in Somalia (UNSOM)
  • Gikera & Vadgama Advocates
  • Transcend Media Group
  • Danish Refugee Council
  • The United Nations Migration Agency
  • Kenya Wine Agencies LTD. (KWAL)
  • Huawei


Research 8020 is committed to offering its clients the best solutions that can be used to make well-informed decisions and strategies. To achieve this, it incorporates the use of technology throughout its data research processes, from data collection to reporting. This ensures that the process takes the shortest time possible. It also provides accurate data and helps to advise organizations to address certain areas according to their findings.


For more information about them, visit their website, You can also contact them on email:, or call them on +254780208020


2.    Datum Intel

Datum Intel is one of the best data research firms in Kenya. Its core services include:

  • Conducting market research
  • Collecting market intelligence
  • Promoting brands
  • Conducting media research


Datum Intel conducts market research in African countries where it provides well-researched and analyzed data. It then empowers the Front line teams with important tips for the growth of their brands.


Whether your business needs are Usage & attitude, In-store audits, Concept testing, and Brand promotions, Datum Intel comes in handy and has the required technology and personnel that can handle the task. They have completed 300 projects with the help of their 25 full-time employees.


Their offices are located at Jadala Place Suite along Ngong Road in Nairobi. For more information about them, visit their website: or call them on +254722924782. You can also contact them via email:


3.    Consumer Options Ltd.

Consumer Options is a data research firm that uses its research outcomes and real-time data to help its clients to make wise decisions. It conducts its research operations for brands in East Africa and other African countries. As much as every country has different market dynamics from the other, Consumer Options understands this too well. It, therefore, conducts market research according to the country’s market characteristics.


This research firm uses qualitative and quantitative techniques to capture data. These are some of the methods that it uses:

  • In-depth interviews
  • Focus group discussions
  • Paper interviews
  • Online data collection
  • Mobile data collection
  • Computer Assisted Personal Interviews (CAPI)
  • Computer Assisted Telephone Interviews (CATI)


Consumer Options has many years of experience in data research. With a passionate team, it has acquired expertise from its experiences over time while conducting research on products, consumers, brands, and businesses.


Contact details:

  • Physical address: lnternational house, Mama Ngina Street, Nairobi
  • Website:
  • Telephone: +254-20-3317709
  • Email:


4.    Frontier Consulting

Frontier Consulting is a Pan-African-based market research comp that conducts 360 degrees research projects across the continent. It has been in the business for 20 years and is now using innovative approaches to offer real value. It has an experienced team working within all the sectors in Africa.


It employs both Qualitative and Quantitative research methods using sophisticated research tools. Those tools are Basix, Custix, Engage, K-Bus, Pitch, and Trendmaster. These research tools are used to conduct different types of research.


Frontier Consulting has worked with firms across all sectors like ICT, Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), Agriculture, Real Estate, Energy, Manufacture, and Education just to mention a few. Some of those reputable companies include Unilever, Total, Britam, Zuku, and many more.


Below are their contacts if you may want to get in touch with them:

  • Physical Address: 6th Floor of International House, Mama Ngina Street
  • O Box 20610-00200 Nairobi
  • Email:
  • Telephone: +254-20-3317709


5.    Tabison Research

Tabison Research has been conducting market research for other businesses for several years. It has a team of experienced professionals that is capable of conducting feasibility studies, job evaluations, and customer satisfaction studies to name just a few. It aims at providing its clients with outstanding services for their business needs.


It has completed 3500 market research projects for a total of 1497 customers from different sectors. They include brands such as The Royal Institute of Business, South Consulting Africa Limited, Ampersand, and ASA International.


Its services include:

  • Customer Satisfaction insight
  • Data Analysis & Reporting
  • Feasibility study
  • Product Innovation and Development
  • Retail Audit
  • Employee’s satisfaction insight


Contact Information:


6.    Growthpad Digital Consulting

Growthpad Digital Consulting is one of the best data research firms in Kenya that specializes in digital marketing. It uses its years of experience in digital marketing to deliver results to its clients. It also helps clients to be digital by bringing on board every aspect of digital marketing like strategy, development, cinematography/animation, and more.


It provides services such as:

  • Social media marketing
  • Innovation and product development
  • Digital research planning
  • Data analytics
  • Digital ventures
  • Mobile and web experiences development


Contact information:


Telephone: +254 721 314 242

Fax No: +254 20 6004470

Address: 2nd Floor, JGO Building, Ikigai Lavington, Nairobi.

P.O. Box 1093-00606 Nairobi.


7.    Infinite Insight

Infinite insight is one of the best data research firms in Kenya. It has a team of young and active professionals who strive to provide clients with high-quality services. It uses both quantitative and qualitative data research methods.


So far, Infinite Insight has carried out market research services for a total of 29 clients in the East, West, and Southern African regions. Among the list of clients it has worked with are international brands like Tecno, Deutsche Welle, Intel, Red Bull, Bic among others.


If you need their services, visit their website,, or visit their offices at Mirage Tower 2 located along Chiromo Road, Nairobi. You can also call them on +254-774-157784 or contact them via their email,


8.    Dalberg

Dalberg is a global data research firm that believes that with inclusivity, everybody can get to their full potential. Apart from Nairobi, they have a presence across the globe. They have offices in Ivory Coast, Mexico, the USA, India, Hong Kong, and many more places.


They have expertise and experience across many areas like food security, analytics, Conflict, energy, and gender among others.


Their Nairobi offices are located in Whitefield Place

School Lane, Westlands


Telephone: +254 717 511 822


9.    Consumer Insight

Consumer Insight is a Kenyan-based data research firm that has been offering its services to clients for over 20 years. It has its headquarters in Nairobi but can conduct operations across Sub-Saharan Africa. It uses technology-based research methods to produce results in two ways, Customised and In-house solutions.


In-house solutions are pre-set solutions tailored by the firm. On the other hand, customized solutions are flexible and can be picked by the customers to suit their needs.


If you are looking for data research services, Consumer Insight should be on your top list of data research firms in Kenya to choose from. You can contact them via their Telephone numbers: +254 722 202 313 or +254 733 638 001. You can alternatively contact them via Email:

10.  SBO Research

With over 20 years in the business, SBO Research is a data research firm that boasts of vast experience. It is a

marketing and social research company that provides clients with insights needed to unlock business potentials. Furthermore, it is a member of the professional body of researchers, Marketing and Social Research Association (MSRA), and the global researchers’ professional body, ESOMAR.


SBO Research has an active team of professionals that are well equipped with research techniques and technologies. It incorporates the use of Computer Aided Telephone Interviews (CATI) and Mobile Assisted Personal Interviews (MAPI) technologies for the collection of data.


Contact information:

  • Website:
  • Address: P.O. Box 10567 – 00400 Nairobi
  • Telephone: +254 20 2145668
  • Email:

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