Best Baby Shops in Nairobi

Have you been searching for various places and shops where you can easily purchase baby clothes and other children’s accessories in Nairobi?  If the answer is yes, then this article belongs to you. Nairobi is a hub of quality shops that sells different clothes and fashions to infants and children of different ages. Do not waste much of your time searching where you can buy baby products. The following is a list of various shops and where you can locate them.

List of Best Baby Shops in Nairobi

Consider buying children’s accessories from shops selling these products at fair prices. The best baby shops should have products for both the baby and the mothers. The shops should stock a wide range of formulae, shoes, clothing, diapers, toys, bicycles, strollers, playpens, and baby cots. A shop with all children’s products saves you time and gives you a wide range of products to choose from. The following are some of the best baby shops in Nairobi.

  1. Peekaboo

Leading on the list of the best baby shop in Nairobi is the Peekaboo children’s store. They offer both in-store shopping and delivery services countrywide. It is an Omni-channel brand offering a wide range of baby products, for children, and moms. Their category is made up of diapering, feeding, nursing, skin and health care, footwear, clothes, toys, and school wear including bags.

Location: Rhapta Road

Phone number: 0784111333

  1. Best Baby Shop Nairobi

The best baby shop sells a variety of baby and mother accessories. They have shop branches in different parts of the country. Their products include clothing, toys, shoes, diapers, strollers, bicycles, and baby cots. The shop is located at Market Mansion, Biashara Street in Nairobi. They offer both in-store shopping, picking, and delivery services.

Phone number: 0791572441

  1. Millan Baby Shop

Millan shop is among the best baby clothing stores and shops in Nairobi. They both offer in-store shopping and delivery services within Nairobi and nearby areas. They sell Jordan baby shoes at Ksh 1,500, changing the clutch, and baby grooming kit at Ksh 1,000. Electric breast pump at Ksh 2,800, baby shade walker at Ksh 5,000, and changing clutch at Ksh 1,400 among other products.

Phone number: 0702360039

  1. Mother and Baby Shop

One of the amazing shops in Nairobi is the Mother and baby shop. It offers the best online shopping and delivery services for pregnancy breast pumps, baby bottles, nursery furniture, nanny cams, baby monitors, baby shower gifts, and baby clothes among other breastfeeding essentials.  The shop stocks a variety of clothing accessories from pregnancy to children of 5 years old. The shop is located at Nabro towers, Ngara

Phone number: 0798674483

  1. BabyShop

BabyShop is also among the best baby shops in Nairobi offering great customer services. It offers both in-store shopping and delivery services. Babyshop is located at Ngong road, Junction parking Hall. The shop is always open from 8 am

  1. BabyShop Kenya Kamukunji

The Kamukunji shop is selling interesting products including a Piano play mat at Ksh 2,700, and a nursing pillow at Ksh 1,500. They sell children’s clothing accessories for newborns and children below 2 years. For all baby needs visit them at Jubilee Shopping complex Kamukunji.

  1. Tash Baby Store

Tash Baby store is the top-performing shop in Nairobi. They sell rechargeable breast pumps at Ksh 4,499, baby clothing at Ksh 1,499, kid’s bikes at Ksh 4, 999, playpens at Ksh 9,500, and baby car seats at Ksh 8,500, and modern baby potty at Ksh 3,400 among other products. Tash baby store offers both in-store shopping and delivery service within Nairobi and nearby areas. The shop is located on Westland’s road.

Phone number: 0742219264

8. AJ Baby Shop

AJ shop offers a big deal of heavy blankets at Ksh 1,700, soft denim jeans at Ksh 1,000, C-shaped nursing pillow at Ksh 1,300 baby washing basins from as low as Ksh 500, baby diapers, shawls, care kits at Ksh 900, baby bibs at Ksh 350 and baby pacifiers. The shop is located at Imenti House, Nairobi. Since 2019, the shop has been bringing quality children’s products.

  1. Kess Baby Shop

Kess baby shop is also among the best shops in Nairobi. It is the best place to buy breast pumps, bottles, baby car seats, baby clothing, baby cots, and toys among other products.

  1. Ellas Baby Store

They have the best brands for children, they are passionate about babies hence their products are trusted by mothers. They are located at Ramashab apartments.

Phone number: 0723300436.


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