Bahati Spotted In Court For A Case

In what puzzled many on Tuesday 10th Bahati the gospel Musician was seen in court as the court session was going on.

It would later emerge that he had been summoned at Milimani Law Court over his lawsuit against fellow Musician Peter Blessings. The Daily Nation has reported.

Bahati, who admitted it was his first time appearing in court, walked in clad in an orange suit and black sunglasses. With him was the investigating officer Jack Onyango and was later joined by Weezdom a fellow artist signed under EMB Records.

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Before he could take his place and sit a police officer present at the court requested Bahati to remove his glasses. This is in accordance with the court rules.

The reality TV star has sued Peter Blessings for obtaining Ksh. 2,039,000 from Kevin Kioko by falsely pretending that he was going to produce music video with EMB records without Bahati’s knowledge. The agreement was to see Peter Blessings record the video with EMB on January 28,2020.The Report revealed.

But as the case progressed , the prosecutor called upon Bahati to testify but the Singer who is also a reality TV star was not in court at the time. The case would later be adjourned to 3 pm to have the complainant who is Bahati testify.

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The senior Principal magistrate Bernard Ochoi inquired to find out why Bahati was not in court in the morning to testify but the prosecutor said the Bahati was unwell then.

The hearing date for the case was then moved to April 9, 2020. Bahati is expected to present himself before the court to testify.

Bahati had in recent past fallen out with some of the artist he had signed under his record label. All said and done a good number of artist have also attributed their success to Bahati. They have recognized his support especially financial to their success.

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