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“Anapeana Sana!!, Hata Bursary Haipeanwi Ivo” Bungoma Man Cries, Seeks For Measures To Prevent His Wife From Cheating

Jonathan Mulongo a good friend of mine from Bungoma in premium tears as the issue of his wife Centrine Nafula cheating on him has gotten out of hand. According to Jonathan, the two were dating back in high school when Jonathan impregnated Centrine leading to the two of them getting married to support their upcoming younger one.

Jonathan was too young to marry at that time as he was 23 years old and Centrine was aged 19. He narrates that he married her because at that time Centrine was studying and was a firm four students and he had already finished high school although they had studied at the same institution.

Centrine could bear the shame of giving birth at her parents’ home because according to their traditional cultures, a father whom his girl has given birth as a young age is considered a fool and cannot mention anything when his fellow men are having a chat.

Centrine didn’t want to bring such despise home and furthermore her mother was a choir master and a elder at their church. On the other hand, Jonathan was afraid to be charged with defilement since he knew the consequences was spending 30yrs behind bars. So the two decided to marry each other for the sake of covering their mess but not for the sake of love.

According to Jonathan, it’s been two years since and his wife is sleeping arround with everyman that comes his way. He further states that he has caught his wife red-handed in bed with several men and he is afraid of getting HIV. Whenever he would catch Centrine cheating, she would give a harsh response “we are together because of the child, the body is mine and I give it to whoever I feel like” he talked to her parents but nothing changed.

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Last month he was out of town for work only to come home unannounced only to find his wife on bed with a “nduthi guy” from his village. I had to help him by introducing him to KAZIMOTO DOCTORS from Kitengela town who deals with solving such marital issues. After he called Dr. KAZIMOTO he could feel relief after Dr. KAZIMOTO performed his powerful love charms that made Centrine quit such Unethical behavior.

DR. KAZIMOTO further performed a mighty cleansing ritual to Centrine which worked instantly. They now live happily and no issue if cheating had ever been found again. Jonathan will forever be grateful to Dr. KAZIMOTO for trimming his marriage to the right path through his Powerful Spells that worked instantly.

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