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A man shares how he came through cancer cages and now freely living

Mwangi a resident of Nairobi recalls how he had been struggling with cancer to the extent of living in fear and depression. He had witnessed the disease wipe so many people and he was such a worried person in life as he counted himself dead despite being alive. He started experiencing some fever and ad when he went to the hospital, they took a sample of his blood only to be told he tested positive for skin cancer. He was rushed to emergency section for further treatment.

“I’m told my eyes were yellow sand my fever was shooting through the roof . From there it was series of tests for the next few days as they observed my situation,” he narrated. He was told he had stage two cancer which was affecting his skin and at times his lung functioning.

The doctors told him to fly abroad for further treatment but really it was really expensive for him. he opted for home based care treatment that would just ensure the condition was never immense. He opted for this as he had no money to fly to India for the treatment. “I never lost hope and faith as I kept praying for the betterment of my health. The problem was that with time I was not improving as my body became weaker each particular day,” he emotionally recalled.

After a month, things became even worse as he reduced his weight. He had no hair in his head. Despite his age which was 40 years, he seemed  a very much old person due to the skin cancer condition. It was really some hard time for his family. At some point he had to halt some of his activities like businesses just to concentrate on the condition treatment. He said at one time his wife had counted him dead and he would even say some last respect words to him.

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As he narrated, he was lucky to see another day as he only counted himself dead most of the times. He had really used a lot of money with the home based care way of treatment. He came to know Dr Mugwenu after a testimonial run on social media on how this traditional doctor had been helping people get out of such dreadful diseases.

He contacted Dr Mugwenu and after three days he met him through the aid of his wife. Dr Mugwenu offered some herbal medications to him. He then casted sells which were to ensure his life was free from cancer. After three days, he went to the hospital for some screening. He was found to be cancer free. He wished he would have known Dr Mugwenu early as really he had gone through hell.

The traditional doctor says his spells casting power work within 24 hours. He handles general problems ranging from winning court cases, winning lottery and protection of family and property. He heals blood pressure, diabetes, ulcers,  gonorrhea, syphilis, TB and manhood problems among other ailments. Connect with him on +254740637248.Email website for more.