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A Kenyan police officer shares his struggle to escape shackles of drug abuse

Coming back from drug and alcohol addiction is one of the hardest thing to do. It takes time. Joseph 37 year old prisons officer, almost lost his life due to drinking. His drinking started in form 2 out of curiosity. “My first drink, which I took on a Sunday after sneaking out o school, tasted folic. It was at F2 in town,” he said. He also would continue drinking during school holidays. He went through form four and he would be suspended from school due to sneaking out frequently.

“I was a good student and managed to perform well despite my disciplinary behavior,” he said. After his last paper in high school he went to chang’aa den and drunk to his fill. He felt he was free. He later joined a certain University in Nairobi and undertook an engineering course but he could not survive without taking alcohol. “I used to think by drinking in the morning in the name ‘kutoa lock’ , I would manage to get to class, but that never happened since I never left the club.” He would do the same mistake everyday and didn’t know it was a sign of being an addict.

He used to fail his exams and would redo them until he got to third year. He was discontinued from school for this. His father never gave up on him as he enrolled him to a certain college for some studies. “I was again discontinued because I neither attended classes nor did my exams,” He said. “For the first time I was shaken and even my family and community got worried. It was so hard for everyone.” Still his father never lost hope in him as he took him to join Kenya prisons Service and managed to get him a slot as he worked in the prisons department as an officer.

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He thought by letting his son join the prisons officers job, he would get time to change. This was not enough as at times he would still take alcohol. Now his father was losing hope in him. He really loved his son and one time he heard about a native doctor. He read about this doctor works on his popular website and found he had the ability to help his son from the alcoholism cages that were really ruining his life.

He met Dr Mugwenu at his offices in the company of his son. Spells that were to ensure his son was never to drinking again were casted. Since then, he changed and now concentrates on his work as a prison warder. Thanks to Dr Mugwenu as since then he has never been into drinking as he also started his own family.

The traditional doctor says his spells casting power work within 24 hours. He handles general problems ranging from winning court cases, winning lottery and protection of family and property. He heals blood pressure, diabetes, ulcers,  gonorrhea, syphilis, TB and manhood problems among other ailments. Connect with him on +254740637248.Email website for more.