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A Kenyan man shares his story on how his boss envied him at his work place

Stephen was a hardworking young employee who worked in a private organization. He had really been yearning for a good job and now he had got one. The job was well paying. He did whatever it he could to ensure his job was secure and his employer was happy most of the times. He would finish her job assignments on time and not even a single time did he fail to meet the target. Within no time, things started changing as his boss started harassing him with a lot of work. He instead demanded for a salary increment something that was not happening.

In addition his boss had been threatening him on how he would sack him if he failed to comply to his demands back at work. He really had to comply with what his boss needed. He felt harassed but he would not take chances and turn down  his boss demands since he feared being sacked. A lot of people at back at his work place really enjoyed working close to Stephen as he was a so much charm person and he would make jokes out of anything. His boss started having some jealous attributes and most of the times he would make him work in an environment that he would not associate with his workmates.

Each time a guest would come to the premise it was Stephen who would welcome them to the office as he had great communications skills which made every person coming to the office like him. With this his career path was really glowing each particular day. His boss was not a happy man when he saw all the attention being shifted to Stephen despite him being just a mere office attendant. With this, rifts emerged of him with his boss. They never talked to each other openly. Stephen became suspicious that he was to be sacked if he did not cement his relationship with his boss as really things were going the wrong way.

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There was need to protect his job. He came through a native doctor on social media. He saw how the traditional doctor had been helping a lot of people who had difficulties in their jobs end their worries by protecting their jobs. He met Dr Mugwenu who offered to him successful job protection spells that were to ensure his job was secure despite having rifts with his boss. He went back to his job and not even a single moment did his boss threaten to sack him. He was such a free employee as he knew with the job protection spell, no one was to threaten him at his job.

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