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A Kenyan man narrates how he cheated his wife with over 100 women and regrets it

Aaron a 38 year old was really in marriage but kept on cheating in the same marriage as he narrated. He cheated on his wife with two women daily,and at times with more. Sometimes he would cheat with even seven.The couples woes started in the year 2017 when Aaron went out one day and cheated on his wife. He said he used to have sex with any woman he met, even on the road. He would offer to give them a lift, and by time they reach the destination, the woman would easily “fall in love” and have intercourse.

He reveled that he rarely used protection with most of the women he met until one day he was invited with a woman from Mombasa who was HIV positive.”While we were talking before the act that lady told me” Aaron I want you to forgive me because I am HIV positive, I only came to meet you because I knew it was hit and run” Luckily I never contracted the virus Aaron said. This was an ample chance of him to at least change his behavior but he kept on playing his wife with all this multiple women.

After this experience he now changed his game as he would use some protection to each moment he had an affair with the women she met. His wife still was such a loyal person to him and never had such filthy behavior of having affairs outside their wedlock. As he said his wife would even go to church and most of the times she prayed loudly in their bedroom for her husband to be such a loving and caring and a loyal husband. This did not mean that she knew what He was doing outside their marriage.

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It was now an addiction he was forced to live with. It reached a point he never met his wife conjugal rights as he had been having an affair with at least three women in a day which made him bit tired. He could not live without having met different woman in a day besides her wife. As he said, he never slept with one women twice as it was a matter of hit and run. He was really in a problem that really needed a solution.

He happened to meet this traditional doctor through some promotional articles in one of Kenyan news websites, took his contacts and arranged on how to meet him. Aaron is now living happily and a transformed person as he is really a loyal person to his wife. Dr Mugwenu cast some marriage loyalty spells which ensured he never had lust of having intercourse with other women but his wife only. He has since made a lot of people to salvation as he transformed to be a pastor.

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