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A Kenyan graduate laments how he struggled to land a job after completing his studies

Kim remembered looking forward to his graduation from that moment he se this foot in to the university. His goal was to bag the degree and secure a lucrative job. Four years later the due day was finally here. He walked into the graduation square smiling feeling that sense of self-pride. The celebrations came and went. After all settled down, it was time to plot the next step, either further studies of seek a job. He opted for a latter and got a grip he would implement the former. His job searching journey commenced.

He visited job sites daily. He even went to the point of sending a word top the employed family and friends that incase an opportunity was found, then they were to inform him. Days turned into weeks, then eventually a year and counting. Frustrations began to kick in. What he envisioned was nothing compared to what he had been experiencing. He began questioning himself so many questions on whether he had done the wrong course in campus or what was really happening into his life. He opted for the handy jobs which obviously did not pay good money compared to the white color jobs.

He would seek some jobs in hotels as a waiter just to be busy and have something that really gave him money instead of being idle. People at the handy jobs began to harass him why he was not working somewhere in an office instead of making their opportunities scarce by doing their handy jobs. Really it was sort of a difficult life he had been going through. All the relatives and family friends he had given contacts in case a job came through, never reached him and now he was to survive through the hard way by himself to get a good job.

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This was the time he came to learn about a native doctor from a website where this traditional doctor had been helping people with a problem of securing a job. He chatted the traditional doctor and even got his contacts. He met him at his offices ready for assistance.

Dr Mugwenu offered some job spells to him which were to end his long spell of searching for a job with no success. Things worked as a week never ended as she got herself some good job at an insurance company meaning the spells really solved his life puzzle of securing a job.

The traditional doctor says his spells casting power work within 24 hours. He handles general problems ranging from winning court cases, winning lottery and protection of family and property. He heals blood pressure, diabetes, ulcers,  gonorrhea, syphilis, TB and manhood problems among other ailments. Connect with him on +254740637248.Email website for more.