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9 Questions Candidates Forget to Ask at a Job Interview

Hiring isn’t an easy task for job seekers and employers. The interview turns into an interview by company representatives. Candidates sometimes forget to ask important questions on which their subsequent performance depends.

What Does a Typical Day Look Like?

The answer gives insight into shift length, after-hours work. It’s important to visualize yourself in the proposed conditions, to understand whether the work mode established at the firm suits you.

Who Is My Immediate Supervisor?

The organization depends on the head of the unit. He can do all the work clearly or completely destroy it. This often affects the career development of the job seeker.

What to Do After the Interview?

It’s important to understand when you can get results. You need to know what to expect – a call, a message – so you don’t waste time. How soon will supervisors make a decision about the candidate’s selection?

What Values Are Important for the Company?

Already at the interview, it’s advisable to find out whether there is a corporate culture that promotes growth, or whether there is a mentoring program. This will help assess how suitable the proposed environment is for you.

What Are the Qualities of the Most Successful Employees?

It’s possible that the words will be standard – hard work, dedication, teamwork. The way an employer answers this question gives additional insight into those who will become your coworkers. What’s more, this question lets you understand if your employer allows you to bet on 22Bet Kenya, read books, or go out to the gym during the break. For most people, this time is the most significant part of the day.

How Would You Describe the Work Environment?

An employee’s comfort level depends on the answer. It’s one thing if there is an office with people with personal connections. They spend a lot of time together at work and after work. Another is a startup where everyone is too busy and prefers not to socialize.

Are Changes in the Department Expected in the Next Six Months?

This period of time is necessary to adapt to the new place. If there is a management change in 6 months, there will be a restructuring – this could affect your ability to do your job.

How Long Do People Stay With the Company?

This is a veiled question about employee satisfaction with their performance. You need to figure out whether you should expect to be in a position within the next five years to make a career for yourself.

What Metrics Will Be Used to Measure Success?

You need to determine what employers expect from you – to achieve a specific goal, to perform prospectively as part of a team. Perhaps they want high performance or a demonstration of a bright personality.

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