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5 Reasons Why You Are Earning Too Little From Your Blog

Many people start personal blogs and online businesses with expectations of attracting more visitors to their platform and increasing conversions. For blog owners many of them end up struggling to attract traffic to their website and even those who do end up earning too little from their blogs. This article will give you insights on how you can earn more from your blog or online website. We shall also explore online opportunities that are available to earn more money through your blog.

To start with, I have been blogging for a while now and along the way I have gained a lot of knowledge. I have known what works and what does not work in this blogging business. I must also admit that I have also made a lot of mistakes of which I have learned from them.

Every person with a website or a blog aims at sharing information but most importantly you want to monetize your content so that you can earn from it. But how comes others are earning a lot while some are earning so little for the same number of traffic?

Here are some of the things you should know that can help you increase your earnings.

1.      Change Your Monetization Strategy

With Google AdSense being the main and the largest ad network for publishers and content creators, many are greatly disappointed when they realize that they are earning too little compared to the traffic they drive on their blogs. So how can you increase your earnings from display advertising?

You see, relaying directly on AdSense will result in very low earnings compared to the traffic. AdSense majorly works with Cost Per Click CPC meaning if visitors are not clicking on the ads displayed on your website, you won’t get anything. The cost per click on most of the ads is very low meaning you won’t make most out of them.

Ezoic ads revenue

To maximize your earnings through display advertising, it is best you monetize your blog through third party Google Certified Publisher Partners. These platforms use robust IA system to ensure only top paying advertisers will get space to display their ads on your website while at the same time you earn per 1000 impressions (CPM). This means even without visitors clicking on ads on your website, you will still earn. These ad networks will see you see an increment in your earning to upto 200%. Throughout my blogging carrier I have come to find Ezoic as the best Google Certified Ad partner for publishers. I have switched all my blogs to it and I have seen the fruit.

One condition for joining these ad network s that you need to have been approved by AdSense and your account be in good standing. While most of these networks requires an enormous amount of traffic. Ezoic is open to both small and large publishers and comes with a lot of benefits. It is free to join and you can be paid from as low as $20 from your online earnings. The payment cycle is similar to AdSense.

2.       Check On Your Niche

Your earnings will highly depend on the niche you are blogging in. Through out my blogging journey, I have come to realize that news related blogs do not attract high paying advertises. News blogs generally earn very little from a large number of traffic compared to other niches. News blogs do not attract most advertisers since they do not attract purchase.

On the other hand, information-based websites in business, tech, reviews and lifestyle are better placed to earn you more since in most cases people searching for this information are likely to make intentional decision. Such visitors are likely to click on such ads since they relate to them. Conversion rate for such is therefore very high. Advertisers are willing to spend more on such content since they are likely to make conversions.

3.       Utilize other Forms of Monetization

Having grown my blogs earnings using Ezoic my earnings jumped to almost five times higher. However, I realized that I can in fact triple my earnings through a combination of other monetization strategy. With my main blog having been online for quite sometimes now, it became a darling for those who would wish to have an online presence and generate clients to their platforms.

This is where the idea of sponsored guest posts comes in. Sponsored guest post have worked for me well to surpass earnings I generate from Google monthly. Since I receive a substantial number of visitors each month, other businesses see this as an opportunity to reach more people.

Apart from the guest post, I have also monetized my blogs through native ads. Native ads are type of adverts that blend with your website content. One of the best native ads platform  that I use is Adskeeper. As you can see at the end of this article. We have other articles that are promoted. They however appear as articles.

While native ads do not pay as much as Google ads through Ezoic, they are a great way to make that extra cash. One great challenge with most native ads platforms is that you need to bave a good number of website visitors to get accepted into their program.

4.       Poor Quality Content

If you are getting less visitors than you think you should, then most likely the quality of your content is wanting. Over years blogging, I have come to realize that google generously rewards quality content and snubs poor content. Google uses a combination of factors to rank posts in search engine. Content freshness, value to the user, and use of the appropriate keywords will go along way in ensuring you hit the first pages in google search results.

Google bots like well elaborate articles that are pointing to the right information to the reader. This can be achieved by writing intensively on a given topic. Combining your articles with images improves your SEO giving it great appeal in search engines.

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5.       Your Blog is Still New

New websites generally struggle to hit the search engine result pages. This is because the websites still have less content and has not matured enough on the web. Such websites have low domain authority and it takes time for this to improve.

Having a new website means you should work much harder by creating more content and optimizing your website. News websites likely have no or less external links which points to google that your website is more trusted.

New websites can get more footing in search engines by getting more content and getting external links. As a beginner, one of the best strategies is to guest post on other websites linking back to your website.

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