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20 Best Places To Buy Property In Rwanda

20 Best Places To Buy Property In Rwanda: Rwanda, often referred to as the “Land of a Thousand Hills,” is a country in East-Central Africa known for its stunning landscapes, vibrant culture, and rapid economic growth. In recent years, Rwanda has emerged as a promising destination for real estate investment, attracting both local and international investors.

With a stable political environment, a growing economy, and various development initiatives, Rwanda offers numerous opportunities for those looking to buy land or property. In this article, we will explore the top 20 places to consider for real estate investment in Rwanda. It is important to note that the price of the property will depend on various factors such us proximity to market centres , social amenities and infrastructure.

20 Best Places To Buy Property In Rwanda

1. Kigali

As the capital and largest city of Rwanda, Kigali is a prime location for real estate investment. The city has experienced significant urban development, with modern infrastructure, shopping centers, and a burgeoning business district. Popular neighborhoods for investment include Kiyovu, Kimihurura, and Gacuriro, where you can find a mix of residential and commercial properties.

2. Nyarutarama

Nyarutarama, located in the outskirts of Kigali, is an upscale residential area known for its tranquil environment and scenic views. The neighborhood features luxurious homes, gated communities, and proximity to amenities such as golf courses and international schools, making it an attractive option for investors seeking premium real estate.

3. Kibagabaga

Situated in the Gasabo District of Kigali, Kibagabaga is a rapidly developing area with a mix of residential and commercial properties. It offers a balance between urban conveniences and a more relaxed suburban atmosphere. Kibagabaga is favored for its accessibility to the city center and its potential for future growth.

4. Kimironko

Kimironko, located in the Gasabo District, is known for its bustling market and vibrant atmosphere. The area has witnessed increased investment in infrastructure and services, making it an appealing choice for both residential and commercial real estate. Kimironko offers a diverse range of property options to suit various preferences.

5. Remera

Remera is another strategic location in Kigali that has seen substantial development in recent years. With its proximity to Kigali International Airport and the central business district, Remera is an ideal choice for those seeking convenient access to transportation and business hubs.

6. Gacuriro

Gacuriro, situated in the Gasabo District, is a well-planned residential area characterized by modern housing developments, schools, and recreational facilities. The neighborhood’s systematic layout and infrastructure make it an attractive destination for investors interested in long-term growth and stability.

7. Kimihurura

Known for its lively nightlife and entertainment options, Kimihurura is a popular area for both residents and tourists. The neighborhood features a mix of residential and commercial properties, making it an interesting prospect for investors looking for a dynamic and diverse real estate market.

8. Musanze

For those interested in opportunities beyond the capital, Musanze, located in the Northern Province, is a promising region. Home to the famous Volcanoes National Park, Musanze has the potential for tourism-related real estate investments, such as lodges, resorts, and vacation rentals.

9. Huye

Huye, also known as Butare, is a city in the Southern Province with a rich cultural and educational heritage. The presence of the National University of Rwanda and various cultural institutions makes Huye an appealing location for real estate investment, particularly in student housing and commercial ventures.

10. Rwamagana

Rwamagana, situated in the Eastern Province, is an emerging hub for agriculture and industry. With ongoing infrastructure development and its strategic location along major transportation routes, Rwamagana presents opportunities for both residential and commercial real estate ventures.

11. Nyarugenge District

As one of the districts in Kigali, Nyarugenge is a central area undergoing significant urban rejuvenation. It is home to the Kigali Convention Center and various government offices, making it an attractive spot for commercial real estate, including office spaces and hotels.

12. Kabeza

Situated in the Kicukiro District, Kabeza is a residential area witnessing rapid growth. With improved infrastructure and accessibility, Kabeza offers a mix of affordable housing options and is poised for further development, making it an appealing prospect for investors.

13. Kagugu

Located in the Gasabo District, Kagugu is known for its well-planned neighborhoods and serene ambiance. The area is favored for its proximity to essential amenities, making it a prime choice for investors seeking both residential and commercial opportunities.

14. Kicukiro Town

Kicukiro, one of the districts in Kigali, has a vibrant town center with a mix of commercial and residential properties. The district’s strategic location and ongoing development projects make it an area to watch for investors looking for diverse real estate options.

15. Gisenyi

Moving beyond Kigali, Gisenyi, situated on the shores of Lake Kivu in the Western Province, offers a unique setting for real estate investment. The area’s potential for tourism-related developments, including resorts and waterfront properties, makes it an intriguing option.

16. Muhanga

Muhanga, in the Southern Province, is an emerging town with a growing economy. The town’s strategic location along major transportation routes and its agricultural significance present opportunities for both residential and commercial real estate ventures.

17. Rubavu

Also located in the Western Province, Rubavu is known for its picturesque landscapes and proximity to Lake Kivu. The area’s potential for tourism and recreational real estate, such as lodges and vacation homes, makes it an appealing destination for investors.

18. Ruhengeri (Musanze)

Ruhengeri, or Musanze as it is officially known, is not only a gateway to the Volcanoes National Park but also a town with growing economic prospects. Real estate opportunities in this area include accommodation facilities catering to the tourism industry and residential developments.

19. Kayonza

In the Eastern Province, Kayonza is a town experiencing increased agricultural and industrial activities. The town’s growth presents opportunities for investors interested in commercial and residential real estate, particularly in response to the rising demand for housing.

20. Bugesera

Bugesera, located in the Eastern Province, has garnered attention due to its planned development projects, including the Bugesera International Airport. The area’s future growth potential makes it an interesting prospect for real estate investors seeking long-term opportunities.


Rwanda’s real estate market is on the rise, offering diverse opportunities for investors seeking stable and rewarding ventures. Whether you prefer the cosmopolitan atmosphere of Kigali or the scenic landscapes of the countryside, the country has something to offer for every investor.

It is essential to conduct thorough research, consider local regulations, and engage with reputable real estate professionals when exploring investment opportunities in Rwanda. As the country continues to thrive economically, real estate in Rwanda remains an exciting prospect for those looking to be part of its growth story.


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