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15 Best Places To Buy Property In Taita Taveta

15 Best Places To Buy Property In Taita Taveta: Taita Taveta County, located in the coastal region of Kenya, is a diverse and culturally rich area known for its scenic landscapes and vibrant communities. As the real estate market continues to evolve, Taita Taveta has become an attractive destination for those seeking to invest in land or property.

This article will delve into the top 10 best places to buy land or property in Taita Taveta, considering factors such as accessibility, infrastructure, amenities, and potential for growth.

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1. Voi:

As the largest town and the administrative capital of Taita Taveta County, Voi is a hub of economic activities. The town’s strategic location along the Nairobi-Mombasa highway and its proximity to the Tsavo East National Park make it an attractive location for both commercial and residential investments.

2. Wundanyi:

Wundanyi, the second-largest town in the county, is known for its serene environment and cultural attractions. The town’s elevated location offers panoramic views of the surrounding landscapes, making it an appealing choice for residential development.

3. Mwatate:

Mwatate is an emerging market center with a growing real estate market. The town’s economic activities, including agriculture and mining, contribute to its potential for property investment. Mwatate’s accessibility and ongoing development projects enhance its attractiveness.

4. Taveta:

Taveta, situated near the Tanzanian border, is known for its historical significance and cross-border trade. The town’s unique cultural blend and potential for economic growth make it an interesting prospect for real estate investors looking for opportunities beyond the mainstream.

5. Salgha:

Salgha is an agricultural area with vast expanses of arable land. Investors interested in agribusiness may find Salgha to be a suitable location. The region’s peaceful atmosphere and potential for rural development add to its appeal.

6. Sagalla:

Sagalla is a scenic area surrounded by hills and lush landscapes. The region’s tranquility and natural beauty make it an attractive destination for residential development. Sagalla’s proximity to Voi further enhances its accessibility.

7. Kasighau:

Kasighau is known for its agricultural activities, particularly in horticulture. The region’s fertile soil and climate create opportunities for agribusiness, and the availability of land makes it a potential location for property investment.

8. Bachuma:

Bachuma is an upcoming residential area with a mix of commercial and residential properties. The town’s growth is driven by its strategic location and the development of key infrastructure, making it an area to watch for real estate opportunities.

9. Mgeno:

Mgeno is an agricultural region with vast tracts of land suitable for various farming activities. The area’s potential for agribusiness and rural development makes it an interesting choice for investors looking for affordable land.

10. Mzwanenyi:

Mzwanenyi is a developing suburb of Voi that has witnessed growth in recent years. The availability of land, coupled with its proximity to Voi’s economic activities, makes Mzwanenyi a promising location for both residential and commercial investments.

11. Jipe:

Jipe is located near the Kenyan-Tanzanian border and is known for its proximity to Lake Jipe. The area offers unique opportunities for waterfront properties and ecotourism-related developments, making it an intriguing option for investors seeking scenic and recreational opportunities.

12. Mbololo:

Mbololo is an agricultural region with fertile soil, making it suitable for various farming activities. The area’s peaceful surroundings and the potential for agribusiness contribute to its attractiveness for those looking to invest in rural land.

13. Maktau:

Maktau is an area with historical significance, particularly during World War I. The region’s historical sites and natural beauty make it an interesting choice for investors interested in developing tourist-related properties or eco-friendly resorts.

14. Kishushe:

Kishushe is known for its mining activities, particularly limestone mining. The region’s economic activities and the demand for housing for mining-related personnel create opportunities for real estate investment in residential and commercial properties.

15. Mbale:

Mbale is a growing market center with a mix of commercial and residential properties. Its strategic location along major transport routes and the ongoing development projects in the area make it an attractive prospect for property buyers.


Taita Taveta County presents a range of options for individuals interested in buying land or property. From the bustling town of Voi to the serene landscapes of Wundanyi and the agricultural potential in Salgha, each area offers unique advantages for investors.

Before making any investment decisions, it is crucial to conduct thorough research, consider future development plans, and engage with local real estate professionals to ensure a well-informed investment in this diverse and dynamic region of Kenya


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