10 Best Driving Schools In Nairobi

If you are looking forward to enroll in a driving school within Nairobi. Then this article will give you a guide on what to consider when looking for a school and some of the best driving schools you can find within Nairobi.

Well, recently I enrolled myself in a driving school and am thrilled that everything went on well, I had a hard time sampling amongst various schools but finally I settled for one that I found suitable for my case. In my search I realized that some driving schools in Kenya are charging as high as Ksh. 25,000 in Tution fee while others charge as low as Ksh. 10,000 for the same. Not forgetting their are other charges for Provisional driving license (Sh.750), test booking fee (Ksh.1050) just to mention but a few.

Is this worth it? Paying a lot of money in tuition fee fir the same NTSA Approved Curriculum and end up with the same document- driving license from National transport And safety Authority ( NTSA) at the end is not worth it. However, if the quality of service is what you are looking for then its better you inquire on what you will get that is unique from other schools before you pay that extra amount.

NTSA Approved Curriculum

Category A- Motorbike

Category B- Light vehicle (small cars)

Category C– Light Truck

Category D for PSV

Category E- Heavy Truck

Category F– Persons with Disability


That said and done, in no particular order, here are some of the best driving schools in Nairobi

10 Best Driving Schools In Nairobi

1. Top Gear Driving School

Contact top gear at 0722 784235 to get started

Location: Nairobi


2. Heltz Driving School

Heltz Driving School is an accredited driving school and a renowned institution for its’ transparency and efficiency, Heltz Driving School has, since inception over 35 years ago, successfully trained thousands of students from every part of Kenya ultimately producing the most competent drivers in the country.

Contact: 0717 338288


Location: Nairobi/ Countrywide

2. Rocky Driving School

PHONE:  0702 55 22 22  or 0700 66 77 77



3. Automobile Association of Kenya- AA Kenya

P.O Box 40087-00100 Nairobi

Phone: 0709 933 000 | 0709 933 999

Location: Countrywide

4. Diamond Defensive Driving Academy

Location: Mombasa Road Next to Sidian Bank, Mlolongo

5. Budget Driving School

Contact: 0721393923


Location: Nairobi/Countrywide

6. Fanaka Driving School

Contact: 0742 711126/ 0795 066129 / 0706562440 / 0716343222 / 0700 018047


Location: Ruaka branch next to Dimkes DT Sacco Banana next to main stage Wangige At Wamakumi building Kikuyu

7. Seniors Driving School

Location: Kangemi Nairobi
Contact: 0729 461713 / 0799 514635
8. Pettans Driving School

Main Campus, Kiambu

H/Office – Capital House, Nxt Ambassadures HtlTel: 020 221 99 33
Direct Line: 0721 32 83 83

9. Glory driving school

Glory driving school is one of the pioneer schools. It was started in 1985 and still has a good reputation to date. The school is known for good customer service and they also offer comprehensive driving lessons. Glory driving school is one of the most affordable schools in Kenya. They have 15 study lessons and they currently offer them at ksh 12,000

10. Kenya institute of highway and building technology

This building and technology college also offers some driving classes. The driver training school was started in 1975 and since then it has been offering a variety of driving classes.

Some of their classes include; basic motor vehicle driving training, defensive driving and first aid courses. The classes are inclusive of everything you can find on the road. Unlike other colleges, this is a full time courses that takes about four weeks.

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